hermes party

  1. ok, so tonight is the cocktail party. i am super excited because it's my first one. I spent a very long time picking just the right outfit. i am wearing a grey dress, grey and black campari manolos, an h dark red clic clac. i was thinking about a scarf but none of my regular scarves really felt right with the dress. since it's short sleeve i have my lilac pashmina i was thinking about wearing around me. i need something big to drape around me.

    hlfinn- why are you telling us this? you ask...

    well because i would LOVE a cashmere shawl. have been coveting them for months. and was sitting here thinking how wonderful it would be if, at the hermes event, at the hermes store, i could just pick one out that went with my outfit and could wear it right then and there....

    isn't that just a dream? i mean, really, just a fantasy dream.... i can picture it now....:love:

    ok, so who's buying it for me?

    (and for anyone who's going to give me grief i am KIDDING. and if you think i'm not- well then pony up for the shawl will ya? sheesh. having a bad day and just trying to put a little smile on my face and maybe someone else's- k?)
  2. How about a cyber cashmere H shawl??

    Hey, it's the thought that counts, right?? LOL.
  3. HEHE...hmmm....something with red in it to match your clic clac.
  4. cyber? is cyber going to keep me warm at night? is cyber going to accompany me to the met (not that i ever go there but i could). is cyber going to get me compliments and jealous stares? hmmmm......?
  5. Ooooh, HL, I'm so excited for you. You're going to have such an amazing time. You should post pics of the outfit!

    We will want the full play-by-play when you get back! :tup:
  6. LMAO. It could in cyber dreams.....

    Or you could photoshop a shawl on yourself, post it, and then it would get compliments and jealous viewings from those who didn't know better. :roflmfao:
  7. Well, I have been told this will be a "selling" event and the registers will be open right from the horse's mouth. It's funny though, speaking of shawls, I've always been the kid that wouldn't wear a scarf/socks/gloves/ hat in winter and continue to be the bain of my DM's/DH's existence when is comes to appropriate cold weather accessories but thanks to an H Cashmere/Wool scarf, I am now as close to frost free as I'll ever be though I still refuse to wear socks.

    So, H, if you're anything like me, always freezing your tootsies off when the mercury drops, invest in an Hermes warm scarf/shawl and you shall never go hypothermic again!
  8. LOL...I would so send you my H shawl for the evening, but don't think it would work w/ the red clic clac...
  9. but thanks to an H Cashmere/Wool scarf

    hmmm..... that smells something like showing off to me....

    Well, I have been told this will be a "selling" event and the registers will be open right from the horse's mouth

    yes, i knew that which is why i was hoping someone would purchase a shawl for me. i mean, really, it's for CHARITY.
  10. Have fun! You will look fantastic. I wished I could buy you one... if only I could be there:smile:
  11. olive I don't wear socks either:smile: your avatar is sooooooooo cute.

  12. Thanks H&H, she's definitely in the "everything I do is cute" stage
  13. I'm sure an amenable babysitting/shawl arrangement could be worked out...I go out and party while you babysit DD and DH....don't worry, changing diapers is a breeze
  14. how old is she olive?

    Hlfinn and it is tax deductable right?
  15. BTW it's my understanding that the donation of a percentage of tonight's sales to charity only applies to scarves.

    Hlfinn with regard to your cashmere dilemma: too bad you didn't let me know, I would have lent you mine.