Hermes paris

  1. Are the chances of finding a birkin in Hermes Paris good ?

    I am thinking of going next year, just want to know what to expect.

    Tokyo Ginza Hermes is fab ! I saw birkins there but they were not what I wanted.
    The prices are at least 30% higher than that in Paris.

    I was treated wonderfully in Tokyo Hermes, just wonder if the french SAs will be as nice :shrugs:

    Can anybody share their Parisian Hermes experience ???
  2. I was in Paris this past June and went to the main store everyday for 4 days and did not see one Birkin on display (except of course the one in croc with diamonds). I did however see a JPG Birkin and a 40cm Birkin on display at their George V store.

    Talking to one of their SAs in the main store, I was told to check everyday for Birkin and Kelly availability. I did see a couple of Birkins being shown to some customers but heard many others being told that there were no Birkins. I believe that there are Birkins in the back, but it will be up to the SAs to decide whether to show one to you.

    The second day I was at the main store, I was helped by a suave gentleman in glasses. He was quite helpful and brought out a few bags for me to see. Nothing caught my fancy however, and I left. Overall, the SAs were polite and helpful but not overly friendly.

    I did manage to buy a 30cm Birkin the day before I left (I was quite shocked when the SA offered it to me) so I would say even for someone like me, a total first timer at the store, a Birkin is possible. Of course if you know someone there, it would be much much easier.
  3. i was in paris last april.. i think if you manage to go to 24Fbg everyday, you will get lucky.. they do have birkin and if they see more if you, the chances that they'll show you what they have in the bag is much more!

    Try to talk to the same SA everytime u visit the store, talk to him about your passion of finding a birkin.. slowly i'm sure he'll offer you one. Ive seen allot in the time i was there.. i stayed at George V hotel and Hermes other boutique was just opposite of the hotel.. but they dont have much. you'll find much more at the main store.

  4. I agree, the temp George V store is much smaller with a limited selection, but I've heard that because it has much fewer customers, they sometimes have nice things in the back. In fact, after I was told no Kellys in the main store, I saw 2 displayed there (they were there the next day too).

    The SAs may be a little friendlier too. When I was there, an American tourist walked in, tried out the 40 Birkin and decided it was too big. An SA took down her request for a 35 and promised to call her if they got one in.

    I hope you have good luck in Paris!
  5. I think you have a pretty stron shot at getting one or two or that matter. My first thought was Gigi's words exactly. You will have a much better shot than stateside.

    Best of Luck!

    Gigi...I thought you had twins when you wrote I'm back...with new babies. I expected to see baby pictures. Hee hee...silly me...I was not thinking.
  6. katyc, all this stuff is what I've heard, too. Gracious persistance seems to work almost every time. You need a few days to come into both shops at least once or twice per day. it's like a treasure hunt!
  7. hi katyc,

    Yep, I was in France earlier this month and I did manage to score 2 birkins (35 and 30 cms). If I had more moolah, I can even score more, they were a couple of 30 cms ostrich birkins I also saw when I was there, but of course, moolah was limited, so bye bye ostrich birkins, LOL..

    I personally prefer the store in Lyon. It's 5 hrs drive from Paris. The store is quite big, with quite a selection. SAs are very nice, much nicer than the mothership store. I didnt feel intimidated at all, I just ask for a birkin and a SA showed me 2 birkins. Are you only be going to Paris? If you have time, try Lyon, the Hermes store over there wont be disappointing. Dont go to Dijon, the store is so small with awful selection.

    I was lucky I had a male friend who study in Paris that is a frequent shopper at the mothership store. He introduced me to a male SA (he does wear glasses and is about 40-50ish), and his name is Jacques. Please note, that I wasnt very fussy about leather/color/hardware selection, and I felt lucky coz the bags that were shown to me were my taste. I scored a 35cm birkin on my 1st day there (2nd visit).

    I wasnt planning on getting another one, but when we go to Lyon after that and a 30cm ebene birkin was shown to me, how can I resist? LOL.

    Overall, very good chance of scoring a birkin or two (or even more) in France.

    Do you have specific preferences? What color, leather, hardware, size?

    HTH :smile:
  8. Thank you so much for your replies :smile:

    Now I am feeling hopeful ! Maybe I will even score a 30cm ostrich birkin in blue roi :P

    There are 2 Hermes shops in Paris ?
    I don't think I will be going to Lyon so I can only place my bets on Paris :wlae:

  9. OMG u've been really lucky!!! what colors were those ostrich 30cm birkin?? :nuts:
  10. Katyc - There are 3 stores: Faubourg St. Honoré, George V and Hilton Eiffel Tower ... if you count Paris CDG airport, then 4!
  11. Thank you LV :heart: :heart: :heart:

  12. pinkish, one was a 30cm cherry red (i think it was either rouge vif or vermillion) ostrich birkin with pall hw (this was at the store in Lyon). The other one was a 30cm ebene ostrich also with pall hw (this was at the St. Honore store).

    The George V store in Paris had a 25 (or 30, cant remember) red croc birkin with diamonds on the shelf.
  13. Hi KatyC! You may have seen my TFS posts, but I spent a month in Europe from end-June to end-July, mostly in Paris. During the first half of my stay, I visited Hermes in FSH and George V practically everyday because my friend, who was travelling with me from Tokyo, was intent on buying a Birkin in Paris. Well, it was sale season and there were so many people in Paris for this particular period, but we saw a Birkin at both stores practically everyday. So if you are there for a while and visit both stores, I think you'll have a good chance to finding a couple of Birkins. The point is, whether you will like the colors/ leathers/ sizes you see, or not. Good luck! :flowers:

  14. TT has a good point. When I first visited the mothership store, Jacques (the male SA) asked us how long we are going to be staying in Paris. When we said 1 week, he told us there wouldnt be a problem as we have plenty of time to keep checking the store for a birkin.

    This brings out to the 2nd point TT has made about liking the colors/leather/sizes/hardwares presented to us. Like I said, I wasnt fussy, but still consider myself lucky that the bag shown to me at 1st instance suited my taste. It would not be easy if I was presented with a 40cm birkin (whatever color that is), coz the size would simply be way too big for my height.