Hermes - Paris words in Birkin Buckle

  1. Hello all Hermes Gurus! I have spotted a difference between various buckles in a Hermes Birkin bag so hopefully if someone could shed some light on this topic that would be great!

    I noticed in the buckle plate where the words HERMES - PARIS is engraved, sometimes there is a little square with something inside it go after "Paris", and sometimes there is not.

    An example of a buckle WITH the little square is:
    And if you look at this one, there are no squares after HERMES - PARIS

    Now I'm suspicious that square has to do with the hardware type - ie, Gold has the square and the others don't (simply because I have a Gold HW one and it has the square in it too), but could someone here confirm or deny my suspicion please?

    Many thanks to all the Hermes Gurus here!
  2. ^^^You got it right! It indicates gold plate.
  3. Thanks hermesgroupie!!
  4. ^^if hg doesn't know then nobody knows! ;)
  5. True, oh so true!^^
  6. I didnt know that, Thanks HG!
  7. WOW hg...u know EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!
  8. hermesgroupie:
    do you know if the hardware ever comes in 14K/18K gold as opposed to just gold plated?
  9. ^^^^A long time ago it used to be solid brass.
  10. I too was wondering about that little doodad after the Hermes Paris on my buckle, thanks for clearing that up!!! :biggrin:
  11. Thanks HG, that's great to know.
  12. Sandiaexchange has/d had a bag up for auction where she managed to photograph the 'little dooda' up close. It's a horse's head! Too cool!
  13. Wow, that's neat! Maybe we should get magnifying glasses and check out the horse :p

    HG and hello2703 you guys are amazing! :choochoo:
  14. I didn't notice this. Great information!
  15. wow, didn't know that either... HG does know so many things........ about H!!!! so lovely to have a very kind and knowledgeable person sharing with us all these H information.. thanks HG!!