HERMES Paris - Window Pics

  1. A few window pics my DH took today in Paris. Very you can see. LOVE, LOVE the suede jpg!!
    IMG_2989.JPG IMG_2987.JPG IMG_2991.JPG IMG_2988.JPG
  2. how gorgeous! love the suede this fall!
  3. Woooo! That was suede? Gorgeous!! What color? It looks kind of orangy-brown on my monitor.
  4. Aaaah, les vitrines Hermes..............
  5. Very yummy! Thanks for posting the pix for us. :smile:
  6. The suede and crocs are GORGEOUS!!!

    I want it to be a bit cold now so I can wear autumn clothes!
  7. Gorgeous, thanks for the visual:drool:
  8. Wish I was there to get a closer look at that HAC! What a lovely display; thanks so much for sharing!
  9. Hermes windows are always so dreamy. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pics!
  10. oh the display pictures are wonderful! i love looking at them, thanks for sharing!!
  11. Beautiful! Beautiful! I LOVE the Hermes window displays! Thank you for posting!!!!!
  12. wow - thanks to your DH for letting us window shop - beautiful
  13. That...That..Green one??? Is that a HAC?? What size is that 32cm, 36cm???

    Gosh..I almost choked on my burrito while looking at it!! LOL
  14. The HAC looks big to me...maybe a 36?

    Suede looks a little more pinkish on my computer. LOVE it! Wish I could have been there in person with him :smile:

    He will be very happy to know it makes us happy just to windowshop!
  15. I think it's pink suede. Love all the croc!!