Hermes Paris Summer 2007 sale

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  1. The dates have been confirmed.

    Dates: June 27 to June 30
    Time: 9am to 6pm
    Place: Salle Gaveau
    45 Rue la boetie 75008

    The summer sale in France officially starts on the same day too!

    Anyone lucky enough to make their way there, please update us!
  2. Time to book a flight to PARIS! :yahoo:
  3. Hermes have general sales? I thought it was for invite only and time after time, I am sure I read that 'Hermes' never goes on sale. Strange.
    Many thanks for the information anyway!
  4. Hermes do have general sales, but not every item will be on sales. No Birkins and Kellys naturally. They do also have those invite only sales, but the paris sales are open to all and there are usually loooong queues. The only store I knowof that never ever has an open sale is Louis Vuitton.
  5. Cool, thats for the info! I have seen Charity sales for Hermes usually held at a hotel or something. In the UK, you can, I think get most things. Have lots of fun and enjoy!
  6. I will be there for sure!
    I went to the winter sales and arrived maybe 1h-45min early (can't remember) and I ended up waiting maybe 2 hours before I got in.
    But I scored an agenda and a pochette so it was worth it!
  7. :yahoo:thanks for the info! i'll definitely be there since by a fantastic stroke of coincidence, it's right when i'd be vacationing in paris.
  8. Liberte, thanks for the information.

    From time to time, I think (or maybe I am mistaken), I have seen Birkins and Kellys with the "sale" mark on it being sold on various online resellers. When and where does H sell those?
  9. I think the mark you are refering to is the shooting star. That denotes it was made for an employee. As I understand it, each craftsman is alowed to make one personal bag a year. They can't be refurbished by Hermes. I don't know how the resellers come by them, but the boutique here certainly frowns upon them. Says that they don't go through the usual quality controls, etc.
  10. Hi boudoir
    when do u reckon yr winter 2008??
    Can u update me on the upcoming winter sales date??
    Thk in advance

  11. but what about the birkins for sale here and there with the S stamps for sale on ebay??? timeless pieces has a blue jean birkin with the S this fishy?
  12. I have read that Birkins and Kellys with the S stamp are sold at a VIP only sale. Only small leather goods are on sale to the general public, but the VIPs are offered leather bags at sale prices. These are different from the 'shooting star' bags meant for the craftsmen's personal use.
  13. Thanks for the explanation!
  14. Do any of the other stores have sales (i.e. in the UK - specifically Glasgow!)

  15. Hermes stopped having store sales in the UK at the end of last year - there is just one sale a year held in a hotel. Despite the fact I'm on the mailing list I didn't get to hear about the sale until it was too late this year. So, maybe Paris this summer!