Hermes Paris sale 2008

  1. Does anyone know if the dates for Jan 08 have been announced yet?
  2. Hi

    The Sales will begin on Jan 9th, and for the fist time they will take place not in Salle Gaveau, but in the Palais des Congrès in Porte Maillot.
    This means no more waiting in the cold.

    See you there!
  3. Hey... starts on my birthday... too bad I can't be in Paris :sad:
  4. Oh, I wish I could go!
  5. How long do they last for? Do they usually have good deals? I would love to go!
  6. I think it will be three days but I don't know yet.
  7. oh that sucks - Jan 9th is a Wednesday and I won't be able to make it to Paris until the weekend!

    Please keep us updated Boudoir and hopefully I'll be able to make it!
  8. Do they only happen once a year the sales at Hermes I mean. How are you able to find out when the sales are? I haven't been on a holiday in nearly 18 months & would love to go somewhere that appreciates my shopping regime.:nuts: There was also a couple hermes scarfs & a bracelet in the shape of a horses head that was almost like an open cuff that I really loved in silver that I saw on eBay.
    Are you able to give me an estimate on prices & do you have contact details please for the actual store. If the scarfs aren't too much I would love to give one to my mum for her birthday in Febraury. :wtf:
  9. Sounds dreamy!
  10. Are you sure the Hermès sale doesn't start on the following monday? When I went a few years ago, it was the first monday during sale time, and the general sale starts always on a wednesday. So it should be January 14th. Interesting to know that it will take place in the Palais des congrès at Porte Maillot.

    I wonder if they also carry leather bags. When I went, I didn't see any (I wasn't there in the morning), but sometimes, S-stamped bags pop on e-bay. Were they purchased at a private sale?
  11. Do you need an invitation to get through the door or is the event public? I need a hat and I'm prepared to go to huge lengths to get one!
  12. I phoned FSH this morning, it's on for 4 days, 9-12th Jan in the new location at Porte Maillot (?) so that's Wednesday to Saturday. The Saturday will be really handy for those only able to make the weekend.

    No invite needed, just turn up. I've been twice, you need to write down what you are wearing that is Hermes so they can check it off on the way out!
  13. could I please get the contact number? any prices anyone is able to give me on the sale items so I know how much I need to save between now & then. I just hope the take phone orders to Australia. :yahoo:
  14. What is the ban for Nola? Just noticed the counter at the bottom.
  15. godiva - they won't take phone orders for sales items, I almost sure. The store at FSH distants itself from the sale completely. The store operates as usual, everything at full price and no sales signs in the window - the nearest they admit to having a sale is to offer a photocopied map of the location of the sale to lost tourists hoping for a bargain. (on my limited experience in the past!)

    The sale takes place in a large hall/exhibition/theatre type room and all the stock there is discounted upto about 70%, so you can get some great deals. All the sales stock will be marked with a S - blind-stamped on leather goods or printed indelibly in ink on the scarf labels or inside items like gloves and shoes. You don't even get the orange bag at the sales, just white H sales bags. If you then visit the regular stores, you have to do the walk of 'shame' with your white bags, lol

    Do the H stores in Australia have their own sales?

    The local ones in the UK used to, but now it's only London that have the sale and it's not that great what what I've heard. How much are flights from Australia to Paris :sad:?

    The store number for Paris FHS is 00 33 (0) 1 40 17 47 17

    The tel numbers for all the stores are at the back of an H catalogue and also on the website