Hermes-Paris Pheasant Scarf????

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  1. I work at a fine dining restaurant in Virginia Beach, VA and noticed that one of our picture frames in the dining room contains an Hermes Scarf (about 3 ft. x 3 ft.) that has four Pheasants on it, one in each corner facing away from center.

    Does anyone know the age of it? It looks pretty vintage to me. The owner asked if I knew anything about it and I told him I'd find out. Its colors are very earthy. Browns, and sages, etc. Very 70's in appearance.
  2. Are they , gulp, dead?

  3. It may be a Linares scarf, Belle Chasse...but the carre does not have the title on it...
    Is this it? More info in a sec......

  4. This is listed in the database as a rare carré, by the way...still trying to find the year....

    Another database has 1954-1963 as the year.
    Gotta dash to the airport, I am sure you will get more information soon!
    Great scarf, although not particularly my cup of tea---would love it if they were alive!!!

    Also called the "four pheasant" scarf, LOL!!! I was trying to find it under that name, but it is usually found under Belle Chasse (good hunt)...good for the hunter, not so good for the pheasants!
  5. That's the one! LZ had one of these for sale a while ago, I wonder if it's still available.
  6. Linares....the dead bird artist....yup!

    The one with the dead bunny is one of my all time least favorite scarves....
  7. THATS IT!!!

    WOW!!!! The color on the one at work is VERY faded, there's no brightness to it AT ALL.

    So are these valuable or not really?
  8. Funny, Linares is one of my favorites; I have the game one with the hare; I wear it a lot.
  9. He really grew on me, too.
  10. Well, it would likely have fetched over current retail if it were in good condition. But since it is faded, likely due to acid in the backing that it is framed with, or perhaps sun exposure....well, the value is probably quite low if that is the case...

    That is a shame, it is a rare scarf. They may want to consider re-framing it with acid free materials and UV glass.
  11. The Story of the 4 Pheasant Scarf :roflmfao:

    Linares did not bother to name most of his bird scarves and there are so many with dead birds to choose from...

    One could try to be ornithologically correct and say, for example, the dead woodcock scarf, but this only creates more problems since no one outside of the English gentry knows what a woodcock is...

    So, simple graphical names are the best eg
    - dead bunny & birds = Gibiers
    - four pheasant scarf = Belle chasse
    - 2 gun scarf = woodcock scarf = Fusils
    - gernaium & dead pheasant scarf = Fleurs et Gibiers

    and so forth, this system is highly excellent :tup:
  12. I have a grey Hermes Belle Chasse scarf, signed by de Linares. Can anyone tell me what it might be worth? Or how I can find out? Thanks!