Hermes, Paris in early Oct'06

  1. Hi all from Paris...too! Have been here for 2 days and will be for another 2...

    Thanks to TT, a regular and kind TFSer with all her good and generous info, I managed to nab my dream bag, and another one too!

    The 1st day I arrived, after checking into the hotel, I made a beeline for the mothership store. Tonnes of bags! Tonnes of people! Not only were there tonnes of Bolides, Plumes, Evelyns etc but there were also tonnes of Kellys and Birkins (from the back and shown to Customers upon request)! Although I wasn't looking for a Birkin, I had a good old time observing the Customers and their contemplation of the Birkin/s. There were mostly in 35cm. Leather was predominantly Swift and Togo with Palladium h/w. Sold were Havanne, Blue Jean, Etoupe, Black, Cognac (quite a few too!). These were only within the time I was in the store. When I was at the store again towards closing time, there were more Birkins sold!

    As for the Kellys, there were Black Box, Rouge H, Orange, Vert Anis, Etoupe, Cognac and Havanne. There were also one each of Fushcia Ostrich in 25cm palladium h/w and 35cm with Gold h/w (which is now my new baby!!!).

    As of closing yesterday, the only Birkin available as indicated in the computer was a 40cm Birkin. And the 30cm black croc with diamond clasp Birkin which was on display.

    Btw, I was served by a patient, amidst all that chaos, and kind SA which readily summoned up the list, from the computer, of Kellys and Birkins available, upon my query, without hesitation. Right under my nose! I would highly recommend anyone looking for a bag to try to work with Yuri. She is very kind and gentle with her advise too.

  2. After the mothership store, I dashed across to George V. Saw the 32cm Fuschia Ostrich Kelly, as TT ha so kindly informed of, AND a Chartreuse JPG Birkin! The JPG was sitting attractively on top of a display table (not in the shelves) when I walked into the store. Immediately my attention was diverted to the JPG. This caused some serious distraction from my initial objective of the FO Kelly. A kind gentleman, Dominique served me. He advised that the JPG was a better buy, at that moment, as it was more uncommon, harder to get and Hermes is currently unsure if there will continue to produce the JPG in 1-2 years time. The JPG was an exchange from a Customer who wanted something else. The exchange was just concluded as I stepped into the store. Surely, this must be a sign that a JPG would be a new baby, yes?!?!? Although my initial target was the FO Kelly, I decided on the JPG! My BF liked the JPG too. He thought the FO Kelly looked too similar to my Fuschia Chevre Kelly.

    As of yesterday morning, there was a Red Kelly with Gold h/w (probably Swift). The 32cm FO Kelly was sold mid-morning.
  3. So...after the Chartreuse JPG on my 1st day in Paris, I decided to get the Fuschia Ostrich Kelly too!!! My budget may experience a deficit, discipline is out the window but hey, its not everyday that one is in Paris, right? Especially when one's dream bag, and then another as case may be, is conveniently available and at the best possible price too!

    So first thing in the morning on my 2nd day, off I trudged to George V in full anticipation of a 32cm FO Kelly. It was on-hold for another Customer! Boo hoo hoo!! Dominique advised to call him after 2pm to see if it would still be available. Amidst my disappointment, I found "salvation" in the 35cm FO Kelly I've seen earlier at the FSH store! It was still available when I returned there towards closing time (after it was confirmed that the 32cm has been sold at George V). Whatmore, the 35cm had Gold h/w!! I've been dying to own a H-bag with Gold h/w as all my H-bags are in palladium and gold is hard to get in my local stores. Perfect!!!

    At the FSH store, as of closing on Saturday, there was a 28cm Royal Blue Ostrich Kelly with palladium h/w. Great bag! I was just too distracted with the 35cm Fuschia Ostrich Kelly to fully appreciate the Royal Blue one.

    Sorry for the several long posts. Had to share as much info as possible from my fabulous H-babies Parisian expedition!

  4. Congratulations!!! You MUST post pictures of your new babies!!! They both sound so gorgeous and TDF!!!!:love:

    I hope I get my bag soon ... I'm sooo aching for a JPG Birkin as well :nuts:
  5. Will post pictures of the new babies and the store window as soon as I get home next weekend.

    There will also be a couple of pics of some fabulous crocodile Kellys displayed at Paris' Sotheby's. There was a 35cm yellow croc and a 40cm miel/honey (unsure of exact colour) croc! Simply fabulous! There to be auctioned sometime in Oct or Nov.
  6. OMG Baghag! I :heart: :heart: :heart: your Paris report!!! :nuts: Am so happy that you managed to nab so many gorgeous bags!!!

    Here's a cyber toast from me! :drinkup:

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. So...are these what you've bought??? :nuts: I'm still re-reading your posts to re-cap what you bought! :lol:

    Chartreuse JPG Birkin :heart:
    Fuchsia Ostrich Kelly 35cm with GOLD h/w! :heart:
  8. Oh Baghag!! I'm SO happy for you!! THANK YOU for the fabulous report, and you sound like you're having a GREAT time on your holiday!!! We miss you, can't wait to see pics of the new additions!!!!!
  9. Score!!!!!!!
  10. I'm sure everyone on the board appreciate your wonderful report!

    Thank you very much, Baghag! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  11. Man, what a great report! You must have felt like a kid in the candystore (well, very upscale candystore, THE candystore ;) )!
    Looking forward to pics of your new babies!
  12. Congrats, Baghag!! Those are two amazing finds. Can't wait to see all of your pix!
  13. Aaahh, I wish I could be back to Paris. I loveeee that city.. and the mothership, packed with ppl trying to buy god know what's on their minds..

    Self control and discipline ---> something I obviously didnt have while travelling anywhere, especially Europe. Glad to know others share this too, LOL!
  14. so thrilled for you bh!!!
    waht a fabulous report!!!!
    let's see those babies!
  15. What a marvelous story! And great bags to boot! Congrats!!!