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  1. Hi there,

    I was served really recently by an amazing SA in Paris and I really want to contact him about some other things I would love to purchase from him during my upcoming trip.

    I have his card but it doesn't have an email address on it.

    An SA in Florence Italy gave me her card with an email address which was something like 'first'

    Does anyone know the french equivalent? Has anyone got any contact points for Paris SA's they could share with me? Perhaps if he doesn't have an email, a college or manager might have one and I could contact him through there.

    Alex xx
  2. Its different from every country. FSH for example use a few general emails to keep in touch with their customers :smile:
  3. ok - do you happen to know any?

    Does this mean I can still target someone in particular?
  4. my sa in paris gave me an email address without her name, just the store name, but when we communicate her email address changes from time to time. i think the store carries numerous e-addresses. just find the store e-address and put the sa name for attn. i think in paris the sa share the same e-address?
  5. I'd suggest to call the general telephone number of H store in Paris and ask for the email address of that SA from the operator. If they can't help, then perhaps you can ask them to connect you to that particular SA.
  6. Closing this - we do not permit personal information such as emails to be posted on the forum. If someone wishes to give you this information they can PM you. Thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.