Hermes Paris Bombay

  1. Paris-Bombay is not rare, per se. I mean, stores are getting them in and you can even order them. It WAS kind of rare when it first came out. In some stores there was a small waiting list but nowadays I'm sure you can just order it from the store or even get it off the shelf. I saw several Paris-Bombay (in different colors too) at SCP the last couple of times I'm there.:flowers:
  2. They had them on the shop floor at the madison av store in two sizes this morning.
  3. I do like this bag...after a birkin I may seek one out, but I do want to handle it in person first.
  4. I saw my first PM sized PB at SF on Saturday. Pictures really don't do it justice. It's gorgeous. The one I saw was brique. :love:
  5. Madison Ave has had 2 of these one in a GM size and one in a PM size sitting by the window by the MC for over 3 weeks now!
  6. I love this in the pm size. I would not call it rare. At first, they were very htf. Now, not so much.
  7. I do really like the look of the PB. Can someone pls tell me what the PM dimensions are?
  8. IT's about 12" by 6" by 4" I don't have a measuring tape by me but by looking at it this is what I see
  9. Thanks, Bagg! Now that's a workable size, not too long:smile: