Hermes Paris Bombay Bag???

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I have been looking at all the wonderful pictures of your bags and was wondering if you could give me some info.

    I am interested in the Paris-Bombay PM bag. How much does this bag retail for and what colors/leathers does it come in??

    Thanks, ladies!!!
  2. I saw one the other day for $3800. MM starts at $4200, I was told. So far, I've seen it in epsom and box. I've seen orange, white, and black. SA's say more colors and leathers in the fall. BTW, huge jump between the 2 sizes, like the bag comes in XS and XL.
  3. Wow!! Thanks for the info. How about the size of the PM? Does anyone know the dimensions? Thanks again ladies!!
  4. It's tiny, IMO. Off the top of my head I'd say 12 inches with a 6 inch diameter.
  5. I love the Bombay bag. It is such a girlie bag IMO. If I wasn't waiting on my birkin I would get a Bombay bag. I just would not want a tiny one...probably the larger one if the dimensions were right. It is such a sharp and sweet looking bag. Good Luck to you!
  6. If Hermes creates Paris Bombay Bag in blue roi or orange ostrich leather, I will buy.
  7. As Hermesgroupie says, there is an enormous difference between the two sizes, I saw the bigger one the other day at H, and although I prefer big bags, that is way too big...:blink:
  8. It's such a precious bag! Go to the Refrence thread above for a look at LA Van's. Hers is a pm in black Epsom.
  9. Thank you ladies, I did check out LaVan's, her's it so pretty. I think that would be just the right size for me because I'm small.

    Well, now, I find one!!!
  10. I won't buy the bombay paris now if I were you, tr444. The colors are so limited, it's either black, white or orange. What if new colors are coming in the future? You'll never know.

  11. Your right. I would really love a dark brown or chocolate one. I think I will check out the Hermes in boston when I go in July and maybe ask if there will be new colors for the fall. Hopefully their nice to me!!!:yes:
  12. PM size is 28cm. The PM can also surprisingly fit a lot of your daily essentials.

    So far, I've only seen black, white and orange at the boutique.
  13. I would love a luscious color myself...imagine some of the great colors in this bag!!! So yummy!!!
  14. Traci, see??!!! That didn't take item and you're on your way to being a full addict lol!! BTW, did you pick a date for Boston? Pls pm me if so! Thanks,
  15. A Paris-Bombay in orange is one of my dream bags. :love: