Hermes Paris-Bombay Bag

  1. I saw it in an ad in Vogue,and this is the first Hermes bag that I can see myself carrying:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: .

    I can and do really admire the Birkin and Kelly bags,they just wouldn't go with my style or my personality.

    But this bag...:love: :love: :love: ...It is truly exquisite...does anyone know what it retails for,and whether the waiting list is anything like that for the Birkin or Kelly?
  2. There was a white one last week at the store here. It got snatched up immediately. Next week, my SA said they'll get a black one. I forgot to ask the price though. It was gorgeous, but I couldn't do white.
  3. Hi Quirky, I think someone on the board posted the retail (jag..i think) She called the NY store to ask & was told it's close to US$5200.

    Not sure about the waitlist...I heard many stores haven't receive the P-B yet.
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  4. I like the bag.
  5. Can anyone post a photo? Please?
  6. I can't find a proper picture online,unfortunately.

    The Vogue ad shows a kind of off-white colour,and it looks dreamy. i think that black would be great too.

    (Somehow I can't find a pic at either.)
  7. Thanks anyway, QuirkyCool.
  8. is this the bag you're talking about?.....found it off ebay so no idea if it's real or not, just using the picture for reference :P

  9. Yes- when I called they said it was approx.. $5200 (Good memory gigi :biggrin:)
  10. Cool,thanks for the price :smile: Yup that's the one,only that picture doesn't do the bag any justice at all.(if it's real....I see ebay is flooded with it;they probably think it's easy to copy LOL)

    I don't have a scanner,but when I have more time I may photograph and upload the Vogue Ad:P
  11. Nice bag
  12. Wow, that is really pretty! :love:
  13. Hermes ad on Paris Bombay :smile:
    Paris Bombay ad1.JPG Paris Bombay ad2.JPG
  14. ooo looks nice! :biggrin: I am very interested! I wonder if they'll be as hard to come by as the birkin, or even the right color Kelly.
  15. YESS!!!!! Thanks Gigi,that's the Vogue ad that got me d-r-o-o-l-i-n-g:love: :love: :love: :love: :love: