Hermes Paris: 24 Hour Soire - Re-Opening

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    [​IMG]MERE weeks after Paris Fashion Week and Hermes is holding a 24-hour soire, on the fashionable Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honor�, to celebrate the re-opening of the house's founding store. After closing for refurbishment over a year ago, the original Hermes store will re-open 300 square feet bigger and more beautiful - with expansion on both the women and menswear floors. CEO of Hermes International, Patrick Thomas, called the refurbishment "a new step into modernity, on the very site of Hermes' birth" and, since the fashion house has been located on Paris's most stylish road since 1926, we expect the changes will be an elegant and chic reflection of the brand. As for the party�we are told to expect a myriad of musical and dance performances but, for now, the fashion house is keeping the details a secret. (October 23 2007, AM)

    *sorry if posted already*
  2. I can't wait for the real life accounts from our VVIP H tpfers.
  3. Thanks for sharing this, Barbiedoll. When I was there earlier, one part of it was still being renovated. Would love to visit the store again.
  4. me neither :cutesy:
  5. Thank you for the info, Barbiedoll. Hope to visit FSH one day! For those who are going to visit FSH soon, lucky you!
  6. Mothership was closed?
  7. Wil you be there? Can't wait to see the pictures!
  8. We are eagerly awaiting first hand reports from at least two PFers!!!
    I am so excited to hear (and hopefully see) the soiree unfold!
  9. What a beautiful building, would love to visit some day!
  10. My thoughts exactly,24 FSH??? I was there Feb this year but didn't realize it was under renovations, wow,they must have been very discreet with the styling & all, didn't seem like anything was going on......Now we now were ILML is right now...LOL
  11. Some parts of the store were still covered when I was there some weeks ago. A friend of mine is attending the event - I hope for a report from her, too! I'm glad I don't have to be there myself, though, I don't think I could stay awake for that long, but I believe they allow people to go home and come back (if only to change their bag in between ;) ).
  12. Barbiedoll, thanks for posting. :smile: What a grand building. I love the architecture.
  13. thankyou barbie doll
    I know a few members are attending the party woweeeeeeee

    I think Sloane Street store in London may be doing a re opening soon
  14. Yes i telephone FSH yesterday re a bag I have on order there, I was most surprised when the lady told me the store was closed.

    I visited the FSH about six weeks ago, there were no signs of refurnishment then, but it will definitely help making the store bigger it actually felt quite small. That could have been because of the large volume of people in there, it was crazy!!!!!
  15. I think it's great that they are expanding the store with the increasing number of people going there.

    I am curious to see what FSH is going to offer for their grand opening!