Hermes parfum oils

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  1. Hi again, I went into the h boutique on mad ave yesterday, which was way overcrowded (holiday shoppers probably). no one was surprisingly manning the parfumerie... i know about the perfumes you find regularly in retail stores, but does anyone know about the oils that are only at the boutique? at least i think they are oils, i saw them sitting in little vials on the back wall so i couldn't examine closely.
  2. Elongated rectangular vials tinted in green, pink, brown, etc.? I think that it is the Hermessence collection. There are 6 fragrances in the collection that are created by Hermes in-house perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, and they are meant to evoke different fabrics and materials.
  3. babyhart, you can't go wrong with this line....they're all fabulous.
  4. are they oils? does the scent last a long time on the body?
  5. Oops, I forgot to answer this part. No, they are not oils. They are the Eau de Toilette. Vetiver Tonka and Ambre Narguile are longlasting. Others are more fleeting. Osmanthe Yunnan is lovely but very fleeting.
  6. thanks jasmine! that's actually helpful to know, b/c i do like scents to linger (not overpower).

    what do they retail for?