Hermès PaP 2008

  1. images starting to arrive a very indian theme as expected
    2csjc6q.jpg 2i1mp7b.jpg 2mc6fbq.jpg 2vwd5jm.jpg 9j3ex0.jpg
  2. more
    9uq9h0.jpg 33y6wck.jpg 15rnnle.jpg 24xl6iq.jpg 33bmfqa.jpg
  3. :nuts:
    100520071315398619kq6.jpg eok2a.jpg fbxlxs.jpg vxdqw6.jpg zn5yli.jpg
  4. Thank you. The jewel tones are beautiful.
  5. :smile:
    77208516df9.jpg 77208516yk2.jpg 77208927ik0.jpg 77208931rv0.jpg captb00256bce2604183bbdut4.jpg
  6. You're the best, lilach! :heart::love:
  7. OMG! I love this:


    Totally something I would wear.
  8. I absoloutely LOVE this collection,the oriental feel is great,but its still very H.
  9. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. :tender:
    471191664108chanelss08wbk7.jpg 471191664108chanelss08wvk3.jpg 471191664108chanelss08wyr6.jpg 100520071315398619bn4.jpg 471191664108chanelss08wvw3.jpg
  11. Is this the Lotus cadena?

  12. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. thanks for the eye candy.. It's 1 am over here and I was just about 2 go 2 bed, but as soon as I saw the gorgeous bags I'm up again LOL
  14. So fab, lilach! Thanks for posting these!
  15. I'm loving the blue ostrich birkin. Is that a bleu roi?