Hermes Palo Alto vs SF

  1. Hi! Has Nyone been to the Hermes Palo Alto location--it looks like it's supposed to be inside Neiman Marcus. Is it worth going there or is the SF store much better.

  2. Overall, I would say SF is much better. Apart from the Garden Party, you won't find handbags in Palo Alto--they mainly carry scarves, wallets, jewelry and small accessories. If you want more of a selection, definitely visit SF :smile:
  3. I've never been to the Palo Alto location, but even with the SF store referred to as "the-store-that-has-nothing" it'd be hard to envision a counter inside NM as having anywhere near the selection of SF, which IMO is pretty decent in areas besides bags.
  4. Just a note on my last trip to city a few weeks ago: The N-M on Union Square had a MUCH more extensive collection of Hermes scarves than the SF store.
    Was a major shopping weekend, so maybe SFHermes stock was low, but if you are looking for scarves, I highly suggest checking out NM supply too as stores are so close.
  5. I've seen Evelynes and Bolides at the Palo Alto location. The actual Hermes corner is small and usually not inhabited by sales staff. I've always had to go to LV counter or cosmetics to get help. But the staff is always nice and helpful. Lots of blankets last time I was in.
  6. OK--I went to the Palo Alto location today, it took me a while to notice it, I've been in NM there before and never seen the section at all. There are some canvas Garden Party bags but that is about it. It was kinda weird that you can just pick everything up and no one is around to help you.

    I guess there is no hope of ever ordering a Birkin there since there is no dedicated Hermes SA.

    :s I guess I need to go to Europe or NYC!