Hermes Ostrich Kelly's Retail Price

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  1. Hi ladies.. i'm totally new to HERMES, in fact this is my first time asking about hermes EVER :P

    I just want to know, does anyone know the retail price (or approximate) price of Hermes Kelly 28cm Ostrich silver hardwares. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks :lol:
  2. kelly 28 starts about $12,000.....
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  3. Thankss :yahoo:
  4. As of May 2006, an ostrich Kelly in retourne (souple) is $11000.
  5. Pazt, was it a sellier? The retoune I saw was 1K cheaper.:nuts:
  6. kou, i'm just rounding off figures since we have to pay enormous tax here. :smile:
  7. Oh ok, gotcha!! I'm too chicken to try to add in the tax, it hurts everytime.:Push:
  8. i tried on a turquoise 28cm retourne ostrich kelly this past wednesday for $11k at my local H store.
  9. PBC, so they DO make ostrich in Turquoise? My SA kept telling me it doesn't exist ... Did you post a picture? I can't seem to locate it ... I love turquoise and that color in ostrich will be so stunning~
  10. Prices of ostrich Kellys in Paris (unfortunately not for the 28cm):
    25cm: Euros 6,900 (palladium)
    32cm: Euros 8,800 (palladium)
    35cm: Euros 9,150 (gold)

    Hermes Paris does ship internationally but one has to pay for the bag in person.
  11. Birkin 35cm -- $14700
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