Hermes Ostrich Colors

  1. Can someone tell me how many colors come in ostrich? I know of the following:

    Blue Jean
    Vert Anis
    Bleu Roi
    Cobalt Blue

    I guess more importantly, does it come in Cyclamen or Turquoise? I've asked several SAs from different locations and they all said no. I would LOVE to see Cyclamen in ostrich ... It's such a gorgeous combination of purple and pink!
  2. Violine!!!!!!
  3. Gold...
  4. it most definately comes in cyclamen . in fact i do want one a friend has one and at this very moment there is even one up on ebay by createurs de luxe. so i am guessing it exist :lol: ;)
  5. Wait, so the one that Createurs is selling is not fuchsia? This whole time I thought she just misnamed it and that it was a fuchsia in dark lighting.
  6. yes the problem is that fuschia and cyclamen look really alike in ostrich but cyclamen has abit more bluish violet hues in it.
    createurs has also another fushia for sale open both bags in different windows and put them side by side you´ll see the difference :flowers:
  7. That's awesome!! I thought the shades were different due to lighting and computer monitor issues. Now I have another bag to add to my list! Cyclamen ostrich!!!!:idea:
  8. Emerald green