Hermes orange bag with black outfit? Advice pls?

  1. Ladies, in need of some fashion you wear your orange or potiron bags when wearing a black/mostly black outfit?

    I wear a lot of blacks and browns, and while I think that Hermes orange must look fabulous against browns, I'm wondering if it would be too Halloween-y against black clothing.

    Thoughts? I really do like my accessories to "pop" as I wear so many neutrals.
  2. A friend recently bought a Potiron Hermes and says it is a super neutral. I believe she said she had worn it with black and was very pleased with the look.

    I feel it would pop without screaming loudly.
  3. I am not w/ orange is difficult for me as well...I think it would work better somehow if you had a white blouse...perhaps a scarf with black, brown tones and orange...or brown ostrich slingbacks... (LOL...imagining my own closet here...I might pull them out in this case)
  4. Absolutely agree with SoCal here. Try and pick up an orange-y tone in a scarf of somewhere else in your outfit.

    I also think potiron is a lot more neutral than orange, so you could get away with potiron no prob's.
  5. Depends. What colour is your hair?

    When I started going blonde, I found myself switching to many lighter oranges and gold handbags/accoutrements because of how well they picked up the honey colour in my hair... I have a boutique Prada in Pumpkin suede that suddenly looked amazing with all black, not at all Halloweenish. Even red hair would be amazing.

    BUT if you are dark haired like I used to be, black or brown, consider adding some contrast. A white blouse like suggested above would make you look quite chic :smile:
  6. I personally could not wear black and orange together because of the Halloween images it brings to mind.
  7. You ladies are great! I've been so torn between orange and potiron (well, and other colors too) and I think that you've effectively helped me make up my mind for my first H purchase!

    Angelfish, I have black hair, and since I'm only 5 feet tall, I tend to do the monochromatic thing a lot to try to look taller. And since I tone my shoes to my outfits (for the same reason, <sigh>) my bag usually is the shot of color I've got.

    But the scarf idea is great too!! Hmmmmm....
  8. This actually works better than you'd think as long as you try to stick with the suggestions above: it looks great as a pop of color if you do jeans and black or if you add white or another color to the mix. Also if you add a scarf or another accessory that has other colors in it, that works too. It really doesn't look Halloweeny at all if you stick to these general ideas and don't do an all-black outfit.
  9. I agree. It conjures up imagines of Halloween decorations but if another color or white is added then maybe. If you wear a lot black and this would hinder you from carrying the bag I'd go with a different color.
  10. If you had asked me prior to Labor Day Weekend 2006 I would have said don't wear it with black. But...went to a party and a nice woman was wearing a black linen sleeveless dress, 35cm orange togo Birkin and she had the black/orange bolduc twilly on the bag. It looked great! That said, I usually wear orange with browns, greens, beiges, blues etc. I will give the black/orange a try and hope the DH doesn't give me the hairy eyeball! :smile:
  11. Now that would be nice look.....
  12. I have a Potiron Birkin and when I wear it with black, I try to also have something white and/or denim on. And then I always tie on my black Toho Bohu Twilly, which has a lot of orange and other brights in it.
    On myh last outing with my Birkin before I dropped her off at the spa I wore jeans with a white tank with a black flowy/assymetrical cardigan over it and black heeled boots. I thought it looked great!
  13. :jammin:
  14. I don't think black and orange together is necessarily Halloweenish, unless the outfit itself is Halloweenish.
  15. I have an orange Birkin and I wear it with everything, including black. It is more neutral than one would think. I usually have a pcoket square tied on the handle to and that totally breaks up any type of halloween image