Hermes...or wishful thinking...

  1. :heart: Be patient with me Hermes gals...You know I stumble in here every few months with some kind of Hermes question!! So here we go again, Dh and I went to the movies last night (Blades of Glory...funny stuff) anyway this lady was standing in front of me in line for popcorn and she had this BIG orange tote, patent leather with a HUGE H on it...Im thinking...its GOT to be Hermes right? Does this sound famliar to anyone? I did not want to ask her, we were kind of sizing each other up in side way glances...(clothes, bag, jewelry etc..) lol...she was darling. I just did not want to put her on the spot if it was a faker...So, what do you think? Any info would be great and pirce if you have any idea!! Thanks as always!
  2. Hi Sunshine! Patent with H... ?
  3. I've never seen any kind of patent leather anything with a H? The only thing I've ever seen with a big H is the Evelyn...(I think?)
  4. hmmmmm......can't think of a Patent Hermes bag. And the only bag I can think of with a big "H" is the Constance........

    I do remember one bag that Pete had long ago that was a black Patent Kelly..........
  5. Gosh, Sunshine, that doesn't sound like Hermes to me.
  6. I should have just asked was so kind of reminded me of the giant Chanel cabas but a tad but more structured...I knew you all would know if it was Hermes or not..Y'all always amaze me.
  7. was it the new trb patent tote? was it long like the batignolles vertical? the front would be an almost double t design...
  8. ^That is what I was thinking...
  9. i just tried it on the other day. oh i love it. but i love the canvas totes more.
  10. OMG!!! That IS IT!!!! LOL....Its so inexpensive!! I want it! It might be the cheapest bag I have ever bought in 15 years! lol Thank you SO MUCH!!:woohoo: :woohoo:
  11. That is adorable, Sunshine. Thanks for the pic Hlfinn.
  12. hey Sunshine, did you see John Heder's agenda in the movie? I swear it was Hermes but it was only onscreen for a second!!! :sweatdrop:
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I totally know what you mean... :p
  14. Maybe it wasn't really Hermes. If so though, and you'd said something to her, she might have been really offended and gone into "purse rage"! You know, instead of road rage! lol.

    This made me think of all those threads where tPfers have written how mad they get when somebody asks if their purse is real or not. Not to say that you're wrong in wondering. Just wanted to put that out there.