Hermes or LV agenda?


Hermes Only
Jan 18, 2006
Which do you prefer hermes or lv agendas? I am currently using a white multicolor agenda but am considering an hermes GM agenda. Can anyone offer and thougts on which agenda system you prefer and why? Thanks!


Sep 10, 2006
I used to use a LV vernis agenda, but now use an H GM agenda.

One obvious ***** that LV has over H is that their refills can be bought anywhere - you can use all sorts of Filofax refills (date by week, year, notes, financials etc). For H agendas, you are limited to what H provides for agendas, which (IMO) is not a lot. It depends on what sort of H agenda you are thinking of, since the GM has different refill options from say, the Globetrotter or the Vision.

With LV, they all come with a pen loop which you have to either buy the LV pen for it, or go hunting for a small one which can fit into the loop. H has agenda options which come with loops, or with no loops. Depending on which you prefer. Mine has no loops, so I don't know if all pens will fit into their loops. You can of course, also buy an H pencil or pen for the loops.

That said, I prefer my H agenda. Not just because it was cheaper (!!!) than the LV vernis, but also because the leather makes me happy. I like holding nice leather in my hands, and it smells really good. The vernis felt like plastic to me sometimes.

Also - because H refills come in a little book (which you simply slot into the hooks in the agenda), they are easier to write in. With LV, I constantly had problems when writing on the back pages because my hand would hit the binder rings and it made writing awkward.

Though I wish H would have more refill options, I still prefer H... I don't really need different types of date-by-date refills (one week on 2 pages is more than enough for me). My GM is two-loops, so I have a second hook for a blank notebook which I use to scribble random things. It really suits all my needs... did I mention it smells nice too? :P


Feb 5, 2006
While I've had issues with both LV and Hermes, some regarding quality, one of my big oopsies was with an Hermes agenda. I was sitting there for months dithering on which one to get, and I could kick myself for not choosing LV instead.

The refills are cheaper and easier to get, and if you go with one of the various canvases, they'll last much longer than anything with leather edges/corners. Whatever I put into my bag is going to float around, and while I'm not hard on accessories for the most part, I do appreciate how much abuse some of the LV line can take before they show any real wear. My LV wallet is nearly two decades old, and it's only now showing some wear. It's ended up being my best accessory bargain of all time.


Gettin jiggy w/it!
Aug 25, 2006
I have both (LV vernis PM and H GM, no lopps) and use both for different reasons--but mostly as eye candy since I use a blackberry phone. I like the fact that with the LV you can add different kinds of inserts including plastic pouches. All that said, I tend to use my Ulysse PM and TPM more than the agendas. I must say my bag is pretty crowded carrying all those things around, lol!


Jul 8, 2008
I use the H agenda and I actually don't use a H refil but have bought an ordinary refil that fits perfectly. I guess that depends a bit on which country you are in but do a bit of research where they send ordinary calenders and you might find something that fits great.