Hermes or Louis Vuitton... Christmas gift help pls..


May 13, 2013
So I decided for Christmas I would like to surprise my boyfriend with something nice. Since having a baby and living together our finances are tighter so I thought it be nice to show how much I appreciate him. The dilemma is I knw he's been drooling over two things... The Hermes "h" belt and the Louis Vuitton keepall 55 in black. I'm not sure which to buy? Any opinions or thoughts? What would you get?

Thanks a million :smile:

He loves both brands.. It would be his first Hermes belt ( he has Louie belts already) but it would also be his first Louie luggage.


Jul 9, 2013
I think both are very nice gifts and you can't go wrong with either one...
But to make a decision maybe you should think about which one he would get more use out of?
Good luck on your decision, but whatever you decide to get him, i'm sure he'll appreciate it, i know my BF would!


Howdy Y'all
Oct 22, 2012
I vote for the Louis Vuitton keepall 55 in black. There's nothing like traveling around with a LV Keepall. The belt would be nice too, but there's just something special about LV luggage. Good Luck with your decision!


Jason W
Aug 27, 2011
Get the Keepall since the Keepall is several hundred dollars more than the H belt.. Thinking practicality, you would rather have a bag than a belt right?? Also with H you never know what might happen, they might not have the color way you want, the skin you want for the belt, there is something bound to happen there that will not work out in your favor.. LV on the other hand you will always have a Keepall and IMHO, getting a huge brown bag from anybody would be heaps better!!

Good luck deciding!


May 13, 2013
Sorry let me correct myself, finances aren't that tight but after having a baby, he tends to look at things differently. With me being a stay at home mom now, hes more worried about me and the kids than himself right now. So I wanna get him something extra nice.
Jul 19, 2008
But thanks everyone., I think I'll go with go with the keepall.. We will be traveling in dec and jan.. And I think it will make him feel special.. Thanks everyone :smile:

Good Choice, I would add that you can emboss the luggage tag on the keepall & the belt is something that is more likely to wear out over time whereas the bag should last longer.

Hope he Likes It!