Hermes or Balenciaga?? please help me decide!! anyone owns both???

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  1. Hi ladies!!
    I wonder how many of you also own Hermes handbags :confused1: I recently saw this girl carrying one..and it looks soooo good..classy and elegant..
    but then I planned on buying my first bbag o.o
    would you save up for a Hermes..cost like about 3 bbags..or would you just go for the balenciaga o.o??
  2. I have both Hermes and Balenciaga, but the ratio of Hermes to Balenciaga is quite low, meaning that I have a few more b-bags and only one Hermes. My Hermes is a Kelly and is a very recent acquistion. I find that I'm way more "precious" with the Kelly. I don't take her out when it's raining or if I think she'd be "at risk". Whereas, with my b-bags I carry them a lot more. B-bags can be worn more casually in my opinion.

    So, what to buy for your first bag? It depends on your style, really. Hermes bags are quite refined, classy and elegant IMHO, whereas B-bags are a bit more edgy. For me, although I love Hermes and want to save up for another one, I get a lot more wear out of my b-bags.
  3. I debated on getting a Hermes Birkin a few years ago, but I decided not least not yet. Then I decided to get Hermes Plume, but sold it. Though it was much lighter than Kelly or Birkin, it was still heavy and I ended up not carrying it at all.

    Likejasperellasaid, Hermes bags are more precious and with the price range and the length you have to go through acquiring one, you'll just end up petting her in your bedroom instead of carrying her to death.

    Also, another factor for me was that I can't stand heavy, structured bags....and Hermes bags,while very beautiful and well made, are very heavy. (at least in comparison to my beloved Balenciagas:p )
    I've got a back problem and I carry a lot of stuff with me, so my bag HAS to be soft and light. Hopestly, I can't find any other beautiful leather bags that are lighter than Balenciaga's.

    So in so may words, Hermes bags aren't for me. I love their accessories and those I buy, but not bags.
    Trust me, once you start to carry Balenciaga, you won't ever want to carry anything else!!!!!
  4. Hermes and Balenciaga are my favorite brands when it comes to bags... however, the bags have completely different looks and style.

    It'd be difficult for me to choose one over the other since I like Balenciaga for everyday everywhere casual fun carrying and Hermes for special occasions and dress up dinners, parties...

    However, I don't think I'll carry my current balenciaga bag 40 years down the road when I'm in my 60s... but my Kelly, most definitely..

    Enjoy your current style!!! If you can afford to own one Hermes and one Balenciaga in your closet which would you carry more often?
  5. hermes hands down....
    i have sold my bbags to fund my dream kelly.....
  6. I have (or will have) both in a few weeks.

    I have a Bal. City and regular Courrier, and love them both. On order: a small Hermes Picotin PM.

    To me, Hermes is for the graceful, refined lady.

    That's definitely not me. I'm eccentric and have a whole slew of bags acquired over the years, everything from Falchi's shearling bucket to LV's Azur Noe and LeSportsac's Fafiness tote to the Hermes Picotin. Bal is edgy, as a pp described it, and far more usable, but it depends on you!

    I always say buy what you love and wear it or carry it with pride. Who cares what others think?
  7. Which hermes are you looking at?

    If it's your first bag, I'd say get something a BIT more affordable first. Nothing will satisfy you as much after getting an hermes :p
  8. Totally agree!! Then go for three Balenciaga first!!!!
  9. Sort of on topic - I saw a nice lady in an outlet store near where I live, shopping with her hubby for outdoor goods on a lovely Spring weekend. She was in her 60's, I'd guess and wearing what I think were chanel loafers and sunglasses, jeans, a white top and a plaid jacket - but what made me look was her Hermes bag (red), fairly large, carried on her forearm - and she saw me looking and smiled big. (I had a Black City with me).

    She was basically wearing something similar to what I was wearing - but that Hermes bag turned it into a totally different kind of outfit. Classy, and I would have thought so even if I didn't know what brand it was. It brought a structured look to this lady's wardrobe and I'm guessing that she carries it when she's on a bed and breakfast weekend and wants all her outfits to be astonishing - all she has to do is add that bag.

    Given that I sometimes actually ride to and fro on the back of a motorcycle, the City bag is just more me - but given the same outfit (the jeans, etc.) Balenciaga looks more jaunty...
  10. I have a Hermes Bolide. It is very structured and ladylike. I also have a Balenciaga Twiggy, it is unstructured and fun. Two totally different looks! But the Bal is definitely more affordable.
  11. They're such different looks! I'm only 32 and find that Hermes bags, while gorgeous, are just too formal-looking for me.....right now. I do plan to buy an Hermes Kelly in my late 30's when it'll look more "right" on me. For now, I'm having way too much fun with all the different colors and styles of Balenciaga...I want to look young, hip, and edgy while I can still pull it off! Plenty of time to do the "stately" Hermes thing later on!
  12. Well I'm a youngin' at only 20 and although I look at and fawn over Hermes it is definitely not for me yet. That said, I envison some in my future.. but for now I'm all about my bbag lusting
  13. :p Balenciaga of couse!
  14. It's a pretty tough question as I love both Hermes and Balenciaga. I guess for me personally, I'm only 23 and don't feel that I can justify owning a Hermes bag yet as I would feel a little funny going to uni and social gatherings with it. I could definitely see myself taking it to work and work and/or family gatherings but I think I'd just not feel comfortible yet wearing such a valuable handbag yet.:shame:

    I will definitely get one in my 30s though because I think Kellys and Birkins are just STUNNING and I am already really looking forward to it!:yahoo:

    I had no ide you lucky gal!!:nuts: Which one did you get? I'm sure you got a BEAUTIFUL Kelly:love: Congrats,Me_love_Purse!!:yahoo:
  15. I USED to want Hermes but I bought thses two Chanels instead and it satisfied my Hermes craving :p

    I wouldn't compare BBags with Hermes tho ... style is way too different