Hermes online return policy?

  1. If I receive an item from H online, can I return it for a refund, or is store credit only? Thank guys..I am still very new at this.
  2. Got the answer...thank anyhow. Mods, please close this if you will. Thanks and sorry...
  3. what was the answer, ghostie?
  4. If you ask for a refund, HERMÈS OF PARIS, Inc. will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that any refund will be made within five (5) business days of receipt of the goods returned by crediting your charge or credit card. Under no circumstances will it be possible to grant you an electronic credit usable on the website, nor will the website issue a store credit for use in an Hermès boutique.

    ^^ ~ on the Hermes site...:push: Should have checked there first LOL!
  5. LOL, well now we know!!!