Hermes online catalogue

  1. hi,im kinda new to hermes forum and i dunno if this question has been asked before.So im sry if this has been posted already. i just want to know if there's any hermes bags online catalogue?

  2. Unfortunately, there isn't any H online catalogue of bags. Your best bet would be to get one of those Japanese books from eBay or other source if you know of them. Dunno what it all says but boy are there some major eye-candy there!:lol:
  3. The best I have seen is the tPF members Hermes items thread!
  4. ^^ Oh yes, that! How can I forget?!! I love that thread. I'm constantly going to ogle at everything, lol! And of course the Hermes in Action thread as well. It's so great to see the bags as they're being worn. Gives you a sense of how it looks on a real person, not just sitting by itself in a pic.
  5. just wanted to say welcome! Check out all the reference threads...there's a lot of info there! :yes:
  6. thx everyone! im looking at hermes informativ catalog.guess i dont need the only catalog anymore hehe..:graucho: