Hermes on the net

  1. Do you think that someday Hermes may put their bags on the net? I am wondering if this is a possibility for the near future. There are alot of people out there who would rather shop on the internet then go to the stores. I know I prefer internet shopping. Wonder if this would help stop some of the fakes out there?
  2. The bags are in short supply and ever so special. Even if it were possible, I can see it from their point of view. They want you to come into the store and shop in a very genteel way, with truly personal service. That sort of service is a lost art. My mother's generation received that kind of personal service in the downtown dress shops and the department stores of her day, and those days sadly are long gone. We have to go the the high end boutiques to experience that.

    The Hermes boutique is theater. That cannot be experienced online.
    And they'd like you to discover (and buy) other wonderful things that go beyond Birkin and Kelly. And Hermes is exclusive, that connot be denied. It will never be their business to mass distribute as they will not mass produce.
  3. You could possibly be right, however I have noticed in the last 4-5 years their internet services have expanded, to include many items that they didn't include in the past, I just bought a scarf off their web site, (beautiful I might add, received it in two days). I believe that at some point they may include some of their less expensive purses on the net. They really could do the whole waitlist thing on the net. I am on a waitlist for a Chloe bag at Neimans this was done on the net. I hope this will happen. I problably not the only person who "hates the whole Boutique thing". I prefer to do most all of my shopping on the net.
  4. I don't think Hermes is ever going to offer their bags or leather wares online. kitskats has a point here, it's all about the experience. Bags are "tailored" to your specifications and you have to "try" them.

    I don't see any haute couture houses offering dresses online either. This isn't about availability to the masses. Bags aren't massed produced and considering how Hermès is reluctant to do phone order and shipping (except for clients they have an established relationship with), there wouldn't be any point for them to open that up.

    It may be snobbery but Hermès is not known for being particularly open. Department stores and brands like Chloé survive because they reach out to as many customers as they can. Brands like Hermès survive because their timeless items will always attract the customers they want, who will come to the boutiques.
  5. Personally, I love that the bags aren't available online....and I truly don't expect they ever will be.
  6. Ditto!!
  7. i dont think there's a point in offering Birkin/Kelly online when they're always on demand and short supplied.. whats the point.. they'll always be out of stock!
  8. :yes: and with all the different leathers an how the colours appear on different skins they will never do it it is like perja said the haute couture of bags
  9. I don't think so and the SA at Boston Hermes gave us some increadable info yesterday......she said when they get bags in, and also when the Mgr. goes to Paris to buy twice a year, the bags are for the SA's!!!! The SA's get the bags divided up between them (not sure how they vie for them) and then they get to sell them to whichever customer they want!!! She said to us, "Of course we always have a couple Kellys/Birkins in the back, but we are NOT going to just sell them to anyone. We are going to sell them to our good customers, someone we know is going to come back repeatedly, not just to someone who comes in off the street for a one time thing." That is a direct quote!!!! It was VERY informative!!!!!
  10. Hermes will never be a full service online boutique. They are one of the last boutiques offering superior products and service. Enough said!
  11. Definitely so. This is so true, look how I got my order in AND the fact that the SA said that as long as I was sure of purchasing, they would hold the bag for as long as necessary.

    That wouldn't happen at any other store.
  12. If they appear online I will probably stop buying them!! :smile:
  13. i wish they would (atleast) dedicate part of their website for information and pictures of all styles/skin/sizes/etc of Hermes bags such as Kelly and Birkin.. that would be really cool
  14. i agree i am a big internet shopper its easier and most of them have a great return policies i havent seen hermes and i dont think i would purchase a bag that expensive on the web without seeing it
    i am a pliner , betsey johnson girl i have been shopping on so far they have been pretty good fast shipping, great customer service and they have alot of different designers
    some of threre prices are cheaper than most sites i have been on so as long as ithey keep it up i will stay with them
    for now
  15. I don't think it is a possiblility. Hermes has pretty much made it celar that they are not a company that just jumps on the bandwagon with what is popular.
    And with Hermes, I think part of the allure is the wonderful leathers and you can't feel those if you are buying from the Internet.

    As for is stopping fakes, I don't think selling something on the Internet has anything to do with stoping fakes. Louis Vuitton is sold on the Internet and I believe that is one of the companies faked the MOST by counterfeiters. Maybe keeping it off of the Internet would continue to keep the fakes to a minimum.