Hermes on SALE??

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  1. Hi Everyone, Im new to Hermes. Sorry if this has been asked before. But does Hermes products eventually go on sale? I thought Hermes NEVER has Sale? PLease correct me if I'm wrong. Replies are very much appreciated..:smile: Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi .. welcome!

    Hermes does go on sale for its seasonal items, especially RTW, shoes, scarves and some smaller accessories

    Classic items will NEVER go on sale

    Birkin will NEVER go on sale

    Kelly will never go on sale
  3. hi fannaticsydney, Thanks for replying!..:smile: May i know what do you define as classic items? for.e.g, Herbag, Cabag, Are these considered Classic? Or certain colors only? And what does RTW stands for? sorry for my silly questions. Thank You again.
  4. RTW = ready to wear

    I think it's very hard to tell which bags go on sale - it's basically 'see when you get there' situation.
  5. Like fannaticsydney said, only seasonal items go on sale but mostly it is RTW, shoes, hats and gloves that are not considered classic. Rarely will you see anything else on sale and the only time Hermes advertises a sale is for their seasonal sale.
  6. It also depend on WHICH sale you go to. Most country sales are confined to Ready-To-Wear, which means only clothing and shoes. But if you go to the Paris sale that is at an external location, the sale there have things like small leather goods, belts, various out of season bags (eg. old designs, old colours etc). Some other big stores like in the US also occasionally include SLG as well.
  7. By classic, I think fanaticssydney mean Birkin, Kelly, Bolide. I have seen Herbags and Garden Party at sales before.
  8. hello,
    im new too with hermes. i know hermes did some sales sometime in asia but i dunno if it happens in the LA or SF. does anyone know if they have any of the shoes on sale in LA or SF? i know hermes never had their handbags on sales, but how about their accessories and shoes? I bought a pair of shoes and handbag last summer and love it so much but i have limited budgets so i'd love to know if they have any sales. :smile:

  9. The NYC sale, hosted bi annually at a off site location is the best in the US. Enamels, jewelry, shoes (3-4 seasons old), garden partys, clutches, briefcases,
  10. Hi - welcome to the H forum and the Slippery Orange Slope! Yes, the SF boutique does have sales, I believe twice a year. The bad news is that the merchandise is more limited than at NYC or Beverly Hills. No bags, no scarves, no jewelry. The good news is that the SF sale includes RTW and shoes! You can check with your SA there for the dates. The BH sale does include more things, including scarves. That is all I know as I actually haven't been to a BH sale least not yet!:graucho:

  11. i read about sales in paris jan 2011 through another thread. i was wondering whether there'll be one in uk? thanks in advance :smile:
  12. I did not go to the BH sale this year, but I believe they had some Trim bags this last time...
  13. What goes on sale depends on the country the sale is held in, and what season.

    For my neck of the woods, it's almost always only RTW and shoes, occasionally hats and gloves. No scarves, shawls, SLG's or anything else, unfortunately.
  14. Since the Paris 2011 sale dates have been posted, does anyone know of any other dates for the Winter 2011 sales in the U.S. or elsewhere?
  15. Manhasset NY should be having theirs right after Christmas.