Hermes on Entourage Tonight

  1. First of all, I apologize if I should have posted this elsewhere, but I searched and couldn't find anything precisely relevant.
    I watched "Entourage" a show on HBO and there was a scene that was clearly filmed in the BH Hermes and all throughout the show "Mrs-Ari" was carrying a lovely 35 cm. Red Birkin w/ GH and wearing a blk jersey dress from this S/S RTW was great!!!
    If you get HBO, it is worth checking it out even if you don't really like the show, which I do....
    Again sorry if my post is out of order, but I loved it, esp. the RTW, of course, :yahoo:!!
  2. i saw this episode! her red birkin was TDF! loved it
  3. OOHH!!! I wish I could have seen it!!!!

    I am currently hooked on the Entourage DVDs and love all Hermes stuff in RED!
  4. I loved the whole premise of a scene occuring within an Hermes Boutique. The scene happened in the beginning of the show and I kept hoping she would go back to continue shopping...the SA was in the middle of unfolding a gorgeous scarf and she ran out. I was hoping she'd go back for it, lol...
  5. Scene occurring at a H boutique:nuts::nuts: I am going to look forward to seeing it when it comes out on DVD...
  6. I was without power for several hours this evening, including Entourage's time slot.
    I can't be:cursing:lieve I missed Hermes on Entourage.
  7. OOOHHHH...I have it TIVO'ed..must watch!!!
  8. Do they show reruns like sopranos does?I would of loved to have seen this.
  9. ^^^Yes they do show reruns! That red birkin w/ GH was to die for!!! She was carried in a lot of scenes!!!
  10. i believe it airs again tonight on hbo2. if not, you can iCONTROL! it.

    i believe she carried a kelly earlier this season. it was the episode where they were celebrating yom kippur and she carried a small kelly to temple.

    also, shauna (in previous seasons) has sported two different birkins. one a GLORIOUS 35cm white with ph. :drool:
  11. It should be on tonight...double check and sometimes later in the week really late at night.
  12. Me too! I wanted to see the entire scarf - and maybe pull out more?? I love Mrs. Ari. This is the first time I've seen her with a Birkin - she's had Chanel in the past.

    Shauna usually carries a Birkin. Her white one was over the moon! BTW where has she been?
  13. :heart:333 Yes I saw it .... I said to my BF , BABE DO YOU SEE WHAT THAT IS......
    Ari's wife in the Hermes store with her birkin. The best scene of the entire show for us birkin lovers.
  14. Saw it and loved it!

    Do you all think it was a 35cm? It looked large on her, so I was thinking 40cm.....but it is she may be very small.

    Also, the shot with her holding her red bag and the red Birkin behind her in glass showcase...was great. For the one reason the shop seemed full and no one was pounding the glass trying to get that
  15. No likely is that to happen? A Birkin in a shelf and no-one else in the store:wtf:

    I thought her red Birkin was just stunning.....esp. with Gold hardware! Any clues as to which color/leather it was? After this I think it's next on my want list!:push: