Hermes on Ebay

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  1. Since finding this forum, I now find myself on Ebay perusing the Hermes bag stock on there! :nuts:

    I'm still learning all about the bags, and I'm wondering something... Are the Birkin/Kelly prices on Ebay representative of what a bag would cost if bought at Hermes? Or, are the prices marked up by the seller b/c of supply and demand? I'm wondering if these sellers are constantly going to Hermes and buying bags and then marking them up for resell? I guess I just can't believe how many Hermes bags a few of the sellers have!!
  2. Oh Clopin, they're generally marked waaaaaay up! There are gorgeous Birkins on eBay for 12K + - It's astounding! But I believe the resellers are catering to the people who cannot get a bag through the boutiques, or simply have to have the bag right now! (been there, haven't we all?).

    I believe in the US (I'm not in the US) Birkins are around 7K depending on size/leather, plus tax. So therefore 12K is quite steep, but they DO have some lovely bags! good eye candy, but if you can purchase through a store, so much better than paying the mark up.

    Having said that, there are some very reasonably priced H bags on eBay everyday, some are second hand, some are just from resellers with less of a mark up. I suppose it depends on how much the bag initially cost the reseller, and how much profit they'd like to make.

    You can always make them an offer if there's a bag you're interested in.....that's what I'd do (or WILL do if I ever buy from a reseller at a markup!)

  3. Couldn't say it better. You can always ask, and they can always so no. LOL!
  4. Yes, you can always make them an offer ;) - What color and size would you like? Birkin or Kelly? :smile:
  5. Thanks for the info girls. :idea: I had a feeling the prices were really marked up. Now I'm wondering something else. Sellers like Createurs Deluxe have a million Birkin bags. Do they have enough people buying their bags on Ebay to stay alive? I would think that buying that many Hermes bags would put a person into deep debt! :wtf:

    Cilifene - I really want a 30 or 35 cm Birkin in Blue Jean Togo with Palladium hw. :love: (Wait, doesn't everyone want one of these? :lol:)
  6. This has been the subject of many posts. I believe that she has a group of people buying for her, hence the large mark-ups as the profits are split. They are probably consignments so there is no initial payout for most of them. Creaturs is a poster here, perhaps one day she will share her secrets with is;) I kind of doubt it, however. She does have the largest and most beautiful collection especially of skin bags and you KNOW that that all her bags are authentic. So if you are willing to pay the premium for instant gratification, she is the go to seller!
  7. In Boston a togo birkin 30 ph was for 6800...CDL does have amazing bags and does pay people to get them...hence the markup! I have bought through resellers and been very lucky but have paid more than I should (and won't again!) for a that is a hard one to come by! But for kelly bags and others, on e-bay you can find a great deal....just be sure to check with the gals around here for verification that the seller sells authentic bags! Some look great but are fakes...
  8. There seems to be a lot of Blue Jean Birkins on ebay. Any reason for that? Or are they all fake?
  9. Most of them are fake. I would say ca. 95%.
  10. I'd like to know how ebay sellers like montecarloclub gets mulitple Birkins? I was looking on there to get ideas of colors and he has all the ones I want! I'd love to get a Blue Jean, Chocolate or Etoupe.