Hermes on Ebay

  1. I'm posting this here instead of the seller's watch because I wasn't getting any response over there regarding Hermes bag. So I'd thought I'd come straight to the experts.

    Wonder if these were good or no good? Any help you can give would be much appreciated in advance. If you can also let me know what the retail price of such bags are, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.:biggrin:

    Camel JPG

    Cyclamen Birkin 35
  2. 1 and 2 are fake, sorry ... pls don't bid and buy this junk
  3. The Cyclamen is definitely fake. (Retail is $7400)
    I would not trust the JPG at all, either.
  4. Although price is not in any way the only indicator, for a start, you're never going to find an authentic Birkin, even used and very worn for uder $5k.
  5. that's what I thought. but i'm still new to the Hermes thing, so just want to make sure. can you PM me why you think they are off? i'm trying to learn.
  6. Thanks to all the knowledgeable ladies on this forum, it has become easier to spot fakes and the 1st and 2nd are definitely knock-offs. I just feel horrible for those bidding, what a waste of money!
  7. Personally, I wouldn't buy a Birkin from someone with 4 feedback, and to be completely honest I'd have a hard time buying one with any confidence on eBay. I'd save my money and get on a waiting list at an Hermes boutique.
  8. I haven't looked at the pics but will say if you look through the threads here, there is a post by Greentea that lists the names of reputable sellers - I'm sure there are more but I would only trust these at this point! I have bought off e-bay and been lucky, and very happy with my purchases....Be prepared to pay retail and above though for the real thing...
  9. Read the sticky threads at the top for some additional info. Then ask all the questions you still need help on. I still go back there to see the pics ever once in a while and also to read some info.
  10. I just hope it's not bait and switch. Price is awfully low with no reserve, but perhaps she just want the bag to sells, like I did last time I listed my bj birkin w/o a reserve. Pics look good, but the low fb kinda scares me. She has a few birkins/kellys lately.
  11. Seller boutiqueofluxury has a fb from buyer saying it's an authentic Hermes piece. Too bad the auction is private so we can't see what it is that she sold. Perhaps confirm with the buyer. If the seller is legit, then I say the vibrato is a good deal indeed. Ppl might be weary buying from her coz of her low fb, therefore not bringing too many bids, which is good if you're really interested in the bag. She also has another fb for selling a LV.

    I have had success buying a birkin off of ebay. Found the auction on ebay, but we settled on doing it off of ebay instead. Not only I found myself an authentic Hermes birkin, but I found a new friend too, seller turned out to be a very nice girl.

    Just sharing one success story of buying a birkin from ebay.. :idea:
  12. those bags do not look fake to me. At least, i cannot tell from the pics... However, the scary part is the low price...
  13. Regarding the Birkin Vibrato anyone troubled by the way the leather in the closeups of the flap and interior look violet rather than raisin? That is one of the major things that held me back from bidding. Even if a flash was used, I cannot imagine raisin leather showing up so light and purple.

    I also held back from bidding because of the following reasons: (1) low feedback, (2) multiple Birkins up for sale in a short period of time, (3) she closed the auction on her Rouge Birkin two days early "at the request of the buyer", (4) her potiron Birkin had one bid on Saturday and then expired yesterday with none, (5) the Vibrato Birkin was supposed to expire today and was originally priced at $2280 and then was withdrawn and put up to expire on Thursday with a $500 lower price tag, (6) the auction says the bags are in Germany, but the username is registered in Washington State.

    I have communicated with this seller over the past 3-4 days and she seems very nice and responsive. She says that she has homes in both Washington State and in Germany. And I've told her about our forum, hoping that she would want to join.

    This forum has made me realize that there are quite a few Hermes lovers who have extensive collections, along with multiple homes, and this seller might very well be one of them. And if someone has such resources, it's quite wonderful of her to share her gently used bags at reasonable prices with the rest of the world. She certainly seems to be up on her handbags and well informed about the most desirable ones.

    I might end up being very sorry that I did not place bids. I hope this is the case. I've just had a hard time getting past an auction history that seems rather sophisticated with all the withdrawals and repricing, for an eBay seller of limited duration.
  14. i've read the stickies already. i'm just trying to fine tune my hermes knowledge. i know about the reputable hermes sellers on ebay, but their prices are way inflated. so i think i will wait for my birkin to come to me.

    in the meantime, i thought i'd try to find bargain birkins (is there such a thing?). never know, sometimes good people try to get rid of their old bags to get new ones and don't significantly mark up their bags. i know i do.

    i'm only posting stuff that i think may be good or too good to be true. all advise are highly appreciated. thanks again.