Hermes on Ebay?? any1 bought from there before

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  1. Hello,
    just wondering if any1 has bought a Hermes from ebay before...what was it and was it authentic? any good recs for sellers? thx
  2. Many, many times, with great success! There's a long list of reputable eBay sellers in the Hermes Reference section above. Good luck!
  3. really?
    where in the reference section?? thx
  4. There are loads of great resellers on ebay. Moreover, you can post pictures for authentication too.
  5. ALL of my H items were purchased on eBay so far.:shame: I asked and got lots of help from the H experts on here before I bought though.;)
  6. You just need to find the right reseller who sells 100% authentic hermes handbags!!
  7. BTW, as long as you know your seller, authenticity should not be a problem. My only complaint is that sometimes the condition may not be what you expect. People's standards differ; one person's idea of "excellent" may be another person's "good". I, for one, am VERY, VERY picky and many times, the bags I've purchased were not in the condition as stated. It's also wise to buy from a seller who provides LOTS of good, clear pictures.
  8. I have bought most of my Hermes on ebay and it has always been a great experience (knock on wood....) but before I did loads and loads of research and asked here in the forum. Especially the 'authenticate this' thread.
  9. Same here - great luck and great bags to be had on e-bay (and other H things!) Looking for anything in particular? We all like to help and shop for one another lol!
  10. Also if you are purchasing a bag from a reseller that is previously used make sure to get lots of interior and exterior pictures. I find the good resellers are happy to email pictures most times.
  11. Great advice from everyone.
  12. I agree here. I'm very picky as well! So, your best bet to be 100% sure is to ask for lots of pictures or buy from lucyndskywdmnds! ;)
  13. I agree completely, 24! The bag I bought last week was not quite as fresh as implied! Still gorgeous and authentic, but not right out of the plastic like a bag from the boutique would be!