Hermes on Bluefly...could it be real???

  1. Hi I think they're genuine items. However I would be weary that they might be "S" marked items, especially since the big sale was just a couple of weeks ago. In that case they would be overpriced.
  2. thanks for that...I was interested in a scarf or a twilly, but I think I would have heaps more fun if I treated DH and myself to a weekend in Sydney and a trip into the store to buy them.

    Nothing like the real Hermes retail experience, it kind of adds an extra dimension to the story of how you acquire your hermes treasures.

  3. I totally agree!!! And the selection will be much bigger! And the feeling of walking out of the H boutique with a lovely orange bag with the expertly tied orange box inside - priceless!
  4. If the items end up being marked with an S, you still can return them can't you? Of course going to Hermes would be the ultimate experience... but it will take a 4 hour flight for me to get to the nearest Hermes store :smile: Online-purchases is the solution. If they only had agendas and walletts.... :lol:

    :heart: baggiegirl
  5. I heard on another board that the scarf items were not marked with an S and came with the box too.

    But, there is nothing on Bluefly that I want.

    I agree, I love buying at Hermes !
  6. Check out There are Hermes bags and accessories on sale!!

  7. Hi Baggiegirl, I agree, I am a in a similar situation. However, Bluefly don't ship to Norway IIRC (I checked their international shipping destinations just now). If you have an adddress in the US that they can ship to, then great! But in that case you can also shop at HERMÈS™ scarf, tie and fragrance.

    My recommendation for agendas and wallets for you would be Luxury Zurich LUXURY-ALLIANCE.CH (I know the address by heart already). They ship free worldwide.
  8. I asked an SA a month ago and he actually said they were authentic. I may have an additional 15% off code if anyone wants one.
  9. Just saw this and was a bit wary of it just cause of the Buefly and Balenciaga thing. I got 2 kate spade bags there with no problem and are authentic but the Balenciagas....
  10. Japster- If you don't mind sharing the code that would be great.
  11. Just bought the very same pair of gloves at the boutique a few weeks ago only mine are red.....those with the perforated "H" in a circle. They were $265.00 at the store. CHEAPER than Bluefly. I'd save my pennies for shopping at the boutique and buy the scarves at LZ!
  12. I have to do a search in my email...but I do have:

    For 10% off: 8VRDYRB
    10% code: 97ABJZE

    You can also try: welcome490 or welcome290 or MissedYou209 for 15%
  13. They also have Hermes housewares on there- Robes, guest towels, beach towels,
  14. yes please! :yes: :nuts: :flowers: