Hermes Olympics: I WON THE GOLD!!

  1. :yahoo:
    Here is my new pride and joy!!!!
    30 cm Gold Birkin with Gold Hw!!! :graucho:
    This time no striptease!!! <--- it's torturous
    goldie.jpg goldie 2.jpg goldie with flash.jpg G2.jpg G and I.jpg
  2. woo hoo!!
  3. woohoo!!! what a beautiful bag! you guys look perfect together!!
    Congrats minnie!!!
  4. Congratulations!!!!

  5. Congratulations Minnie! Such a beautiful bag and you carry it well!!
  6. ooooh congrats!! you look HOTTT!! yaaaaay!!
  7. i'm blinded by the light, boop-ee-doop...boop-ee-doop................
    holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::dothewave::dothewave:

    rock it baby!!! congrats on your terrific purchase!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Congratulations Minnie, gorgeous gorgeous bag and you look awesome.
  9. what is it what is it what is it??????togo, clemence???? i can't see the grain.
  10. :party: :love:
  11. Neither. See the colour of the Hermes stamp on the bag? It's not gold.
  12. Minnie, it's an absolute beauty! A classic and so chic! You look ab fab with it and I love love love the gold hw. Well done, so happy 4 u!
  13. Congratulations! You look GORGEOUS carrying it, too!
  14. Congrats Minnie!! Look gorgy on you!
  15. so fabby on you! :smile: