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  1. Hi, whats the link please ?. Thankyou for anyone who replies :flowers:
  2. thankyou :flowers: But the site is all in french, do they have an english one ?
  3. Eh? You should be able to choose your location and get it in English.
  4. That is probably because you are not located in the US. Their system determines where you come from and then guides you to the site they think appropriate. You cannot order from the US site unless you're in the US and you can only order from the French site if you're based in France. Rest of the World, SOL. If you do have an US address that you would like to have things shipped to, you can get to the US site by

    The US and French site are not identical btw.
  5. That was nice of you to explain. ^^
  6. I'm in Australia, and to view the US site, I just click on 'rest of the world' and then the 'click here to enter site' link.......opens for me everytime, AND they allow purchases from a non-US address, the purchase just has to be posted to a US address.
  7. thankyou ;)
  8. Thanks! I do visit the site often, but don't usually participate (shy, I guess:wondering
    I will jump in one of these days:yahoo:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.