Hermes - Oak Hall Memphis

  1. Is there still a Hermes boutique inside Oak Hall in Memphis? The website doesn't list it. I haven't been there in awhile, but I know that there used to be a Hermes boutique in that store.
  2. I believe it's still there, but it only sold ties and scarves, no purses.
  3. ummmm....i live in memphis...there isn't one...if there were one, it's miniscule that i missed it...good stores tend to shut down in memphis lol...which is why i'm moving to houston :smile: lol Go shop someplace else.
  4. I know that there used to be a boutique in that store. There was a boutique there in the mid 1990's (1996, 1997). Yes, it did only sell ties and scarfs. I used to stop in there on my way to Nashville for business. I think that they could order small leather goods. I haven't been there in years, but i was just curious. East Memphis, Germantown, etc. is a rather affluent area. Also, people from all over the mid-south shop in Memphis I would think that fact alone would make a Hermes boutique successful. I've often wondered why there is not a Saks or Neiman's in Memphis. However, i remeber when the Lord & Taylor in Oak court Mall closed.
  5. Can you believe there is no Nordstrom in TN?
  6. They are suposed to be adding a norstrom's to the Mall at Green Hills in West Nashville. they are supposed to start construction later this year. :yes:
  7. Well...actually I live in Germantown, TN but now currently going to school in Nashville...yup Lord and Taylor closed...and if you remember there used to be a pretty lively mall (though no designer store) called Hickory ridge (though it's also not in a good part of town) but that is practically closed right there's a new mall in Collierville with a Parisian (owned by saks though nothing close to it) and I heard it's about to close also, though it just opened like last year. So if Parisian and Hickory Ridge are barely surviving, I doubt that saks, Nordstrom, etc would make it there...Funny thing I went to a rich high school in Memphis and my friends were never into designers like you would think they should be since they have the money...

    Well since I live in Nashville now and Green Hills is only 5 minutes away from where I live (yikes i go there too often while trying to procrastinate), construction on Nordstrom has not started...there's an LV store whcih barely has any visitors, although it looks like it's surviving...Yes, you are right, they are trying to add another anchor at the mall, something upscale ... it may very well survive in nashville but then again ... I'm not sure cause the mall itself is not very lively (different from like south coast, galleria houston, etc) so upscale stores may not survive long...coolsprings has a better feel to it...

    Houston here i come!!!! lol
  8. It seems like Memphis can't sustain higher end stores. I remember when there was an Oak Hall by Oak Court Mall and one in Park Place. I also remember another men' s store called Julius Lewis. In any event, I believe that there are the demographics and money in Memphis to sustain a Hermes Boutique. I wonder what happened with the Oak Hall boutique. Also, I wonder why some of the trendier stores, i.e., Jospeh's have not tried to market Hermes items.
  9. Do you absolutely promise? I heard from an exec. last week at Nordstrom's that they are not. Please tell me he's wrong.
  10. well according to nashville news they will be adding nordstrom or other high end stores like neimans or saks (gasp i think they will fold in a year prob...but i don't think the deal went through on that) hills not that great...

    o yes memphis there's a designer shop that sells like burberry called Jimmy something I believe (idk...not a fan of burberry but my mom's friend got her burberry there)...not sure what else they have there...
  11. Perhaps you are thinking of James Davis in the Laurelwood Shopping Center on Poplar across from Oak Court Mall.