Hermes NYC anyone?

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  1. I will be heading off to NYC on Dec 18/19/20 for a shopping trip. If anyone is visiting H during that time and would like to visit the store together or just say hi to a fellow pbf pls give me a pm. Any good SA recommendations are appreciated too.

    I will be visiting by myself since DH is working. :crybaby:
  2. I so wish I could go than too. Will you be able to make it to our Hannukah party the day before?
  3. I just PM'ed you.
  4. will pm you about the party. Next time we should plan a tip to nyc together.:yahoo:
  5. Oh phooey! I will be in Miami during the 18-20. Hopefully next time we can meet when you are in NYC.
  6. Awwww... I wish I can go to ! but gotta stay home and watch the babies, and have to save up more $$ for H in Paris in Jan...sigh..:hysteric:
  7. ^^ Im coming to Paris again in April.. I hope i can see one of the PFers!!!
  8. Hey I am going to Paris in Jan too. When are you going? pm me about it if you like.:yes:
  9. Cxyvr, I'm going for a week from 1/13, and will be staying at 5e near St. Germaine. Where are you staying and when ?
  10. oh..I just miss you. I am going the week of the 8th and leaving on the 14th. Maybe we might cross path at the airport.

    You are going to have tons of fun. I go every Jan for their winter sales. Not H sales, just general sales in Paris.
  11. cxyvr...Enrique is the nicest SA. Have a great time and good luck.
  12. Men...just miss you. I'm going also because of the sales :P:P, I heard it's going to be crazy crowded especially on the weekends,any tips for shopping at the winter sales ? TIA :smile::flowers:
  13. Thank you. That's what HG told me too:yahoo:
  14. Dress warm, prepare to line up and remember to get your VAT refund.:yes:
  15. I should be able to make it, let me know when.