Hermes now on Bluefly

  1. I apologize if this has been posted, but there are quite a few Hermes items on Bluefly now. Some Garden totes and other relatively inexpensive bags, lots of gloves and scarves.
  2. I saw that today too! To think that maybe I could actually own something from Hermes is exciting... Did you see that orange bag for $945? I thought it was kind of cute!
  3. I thought the same thing. I didn't realize Hermes made a bag I could actually afford. lol..
  4. I know some recent buyers of Hermes scarves on Bluefly that returned them because the condition was poor - runs, pulls. Good thing the are returnable.
  5. HL....I have a freind who just purchased Hermes shoes from bluefly and they were dirty when they arrived!!
  6. While I agree some of the bags are cute if these are not your first choice in H bags consider saving you pennies (even if it takes some time) to get what you really want. Just a thought.
  7. I really dislike when the goods are not up to par
  8. 8VRDYRB for 10% off and there is a 15% off code that I posted before too.

    I bought the Imperial Garden Party they had on there, I plan to give it to my mom as a gift. It arrived just fine, clean & perfect with a dustbag and the air pillow inside. I've also had several friends that bought scarves and they didn't have any problems but I've heard of other people having a problem here or there.
  9. in case anyone is interested there's a red bolide 1923 now being offered on bluefly
  10. wow it's beautiful! :love:
  11. BTW, I had my dad take the Garden Party to Hermes for me and it's authentic.
  12. Japster- do you have pix of the GP? Color? Size?
  13. It's in the Member's thread of pics.
  14. Wow, gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  15. Aaww, that red bolide is def delicious!

    And there are a lot of 'affordable' H bags. It's not always about birkins & kellys. Lemme see, the garden party totes, picotins, evelyne, herbag, etc... lots to choose from actually.