Hermes Novice Needs Help !

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  1. #1 Oct 18, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2010
    Hi Everyone, I'm a Hermes novice and urgently need help from you all. I never buy any Hermes and never step into Hermes store before. Yesterday, one of my family member ask me to locate the 35 Birkin Black Togo and buy it for her.

    I don't have Hermes store in my area therefor I have to drive couple hours to get into the store and get the bag for her. Since this is my first time shopping at Hermes I don't want to get bad experience that will discourage me for future buying. I live in California therefor can any one give me a recommendation of which bay area store to go or who is the nice sales person to contact ?

    Is Hermes has Hotline number to call ? Like LV they have the number to call and locate the item for you ? Can you order the bag through Phone ?

    Any Tips, Input and recommendation will greatly appreciate. Sorry for the very basic question but I'm kind a nervous and want to make sure I know what to expect before buying my first Hermes (even though its for someone else :biggrin:
    ) Thank you
  2. I never know how hard it is to get the Birkin. My Dilema is I leave far from Hermes Store, the store won't discuss the availability through the phone and at this point no longer put name on the waiting list. They say there is no more waiting list..just walk in and if the store happened to have the bag at that point they will give it to you. :confused1:
    so how can you build the relationship with SA if the first Hermes you want to get is Birkin and you will have no Idea when it will be available cause they don't want to let you know unless you check to their store often which is that is something I can't do!

    To drive 4-5 hour just to walk in around the store not able to do anything is definitely not fun. I'm in desperate mode at this point :shucks:

    Any suggestion anyone ? :wondering
  3. Since regular visits to an Hermes store are not convenient, I would suggest you go the re-seller route. Look on this forum for recommended resellers and be sure to have the bag authenticated on this forum before purchasing it. You will pay a premium if it's a new bag, but that may be the only way you will be able to get one.
  4. This has been discussed a lot. Perhaps do some additional reading and research or, as India suggests, consider a good reseller.
  5. Thanks India and mistikat. yes I did read the discussion for a newbie provide and how to get the Birkin post. Most of it will refer back to build relationship with a Hermes SA and actually go the store. From what I read here and there the easiest way to start the relationship the SA at your local store is by buying the non Birkin or Kelly bag first. Either get some scarf, belt ect. Once you get your name on the system and found your nice SA it will be much easier for you to get the it bag. Problem with me is the nearest Local store I have is SF and according to post here and contact them directly the SF store is not really have much inventory. The big one will be either LA (rodeo drive/BH/SCP) or out of state such as Madison or wall street. I can't fly to other state just to build the relationship with SA so that's why I kind a stuck. besides this is not for me, this is for my relative and she need it asap :noggin: I will try to check on the seller like you guys told me. Thank you again for the suggestion
  6. Why can't your relative do this him/herself if it's so inconvenient for you?
  7. Because she just a visitor here that's why and when she ask me to help her how can I say no :biggrin: besides I might going to get one for my self to at the end :lol::lol::lol:
  8. You can always go to Tokyo then, they have stocks very readily available on the shelves of the H boutiques there, no need to build any relationships with SAs
  9. For such an awesome bag, take the trip to go to the store and arrange it there. You get amazing service at Hermes, so it is worth the extra effort to do face to face transaction.:hugs: Hope this helps.
  10. Steakfrite..that will be nice :biggrin: wish here is just like Tokyo store :amuse:

    HermesAffair, I definitely will take the trip to the store no matter what, still read here and there to educate my self and broaden my knowledge of Hermes world and cross my finger that I can found a good SA that willing to help me later on there so I'm not coming home empty handed or the least have a nice experience there. Thank you
  11. MDLV17, have you thought about a quick trip to Las Vegas? It's not too far, there are several H stores, and I'm told they each have lots of Birkins in stock. Plus, if you don't find what you want, you can at least have some fun. :graucho:
  12. made me thinking for sure...:party: I did hear that Vegas store has a very good store and inventory..that can be an excuse to get my DH permission to go :P: