Hermes non-Birkin

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  1. Hey Hermes experts, I need your advice.

    Today I saw an exquisite Hermes bag. It's the shape of a birkin but it's actually a tote that is embossed to look like a birkin. It's not easy to explain but if you've seen the bag, you'll know what im talking about.

    What is this bag???
  2. It's called a Shadow Birkin.
  3. ahhhhh. thank you!
  4. ^^ It's cool isn't it?
  5. I haven't seen it in person, but I've seen pictures............and it looks beautiful!
  6. I'm not a fan. I like the classic much better.
    my opinion.
  7. im not a big fan because it has a sense of well a tricky effect i know its the point but well i guess im not all that happy about it just not my style but interesting and eye catching
  8. I'm not a fan eather. I love the shining of the hw.
  9. i never even heard of such a thing any pics???
  10. I love the Shadow!..... think it is very elegant
  11. if i were hipper i'd definitely carry one
  12. i love the shadow clutch. somehow i don;t like the shadow birkin so much bec the undone straps seem too long.
  13. I'm not a fan either, prefer the shining hw :smile: