Hermes Nightmare

  1. Ok, anyone here ever had a nightmare that's related to Hermes? If so, share please~

    Don't laugh, I'd like to think I'm not the only person who has nightmares about our favorite bags
  2. No nightmares......but I've had some really lovely Hermes dreams!

    One having to do with an Ostrich kelly that looks just like VB's....and me looking just like VB while carrying it!!!!!
  3. You crack me up, shopmom! :lol:

    No nightmares for me, either. Knock on wood!
  4. Not an actual nightmare...but I've tossed and turned and lost essentially entire nights' sleep thinking about certain bags (should I purchase?, should I order?, anxiety about visiting the boutique, etc.). :P
  5. I have never had an Hermes nightmare, but I did have one about LV. It was ridiculous. I actually tend to dream about shopping alot. My family thinks I'm insane lol.
  6. I'm starting to think I'm the only person who has nightmare about Hermes:Push: , but then again, I have nightmares about everything: school, homework, tests, work, SO, family, pets, etc. Ok, I'll share my most recent nightmare then.

    The most recent one was the one that I had last night. I dreamt that somehow I did get a bag, but the bag didn't look new and that there were marker and ink stain on it. Somehow, the bag wasn't even ostrich but instead was like a baby rose color in regular leather:blink: What made it worse was there were marker and ink smears all over it!:Push: However, with a wet cloth, I could wipe all the stains away. And then at some point, the bag changed from baby rose to fuchsia ostrich but even then it wasn't brand new and it was in poor shape. And to make matters worse, my family found my bag and got very angry about it. I couldn't remember much of the rest but by the end of the dream I had no bags.:sad:

    I know, it was a ridiculous dream that made no sense, but when I woke up it still left a pretty bad taste in my mouth.
  7. Kou, a week or so ago I posted my nightmare (bad dream) about my home invasion and they never left with anything. They were there for awhile and when I looked around the only thing I saw was my damaged Kelly. They scratched it and gouged the leather several times.

    So honey, you are not alone!