Hermes newer colors srong in time???

  1. So I was talking to a friend The other day and then I was talking to my SM and he sort of felt the same way so I got worried and I decided to ask my Hermes gurus here at TPF , I was telling them that this latest generation of hermes colors is very much my style classic but intense I got bouganvillier and I'm waiting for Mykonos and I also want to add iris to the list but the point is I was told by theese two friends that they just do not know how theese colors will age because they are so intense they may eventually fade and loose there true hue so it makes me think ???? Are theese Colors for me ????? .

    So the questions are the following

    What do you think of theese colors I mean I have bouganvillier but the rest I'm still waiting on so............ Should I ???

    And next if you own intense colors from the past like vert anis, rouge garrance, vert pelousse, turquoise,soleil, how have they aged????

    Anyway what do you think????? Because when you think about it many of the vintage bags we know are box and dark so ??????

    As always best and thankyou my TPF darlings!!!!
  2. I'm beggining to think I'm the only one with this issue ooo please do help darlings. Thanks again .birkel.
  3. Of course Birkel.Those are seasonal color.I think @ the end of the day black box ,rouge H box,will be the winner..
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    Thankyou birkinglover for posting an answer darling i love you !!!! for actually reading my post !! but I mean will the colors last physically as in the color itself, eventually seasonal colors are surpassed by classics yes, but in terms of the actual hue will bouganvillier look like a salmonish pink in the future will mykonos look as intense and as blue as The greek islands seas I mean will the color last ???? On the leather because even black changes so how will soleil look in say 2030???
  5. Dear birkel, interesting point.
    I'm also looking forward to hear abt this issue.
    But..I don't thinkkk the color will change/fade
    Unless if u put the bags in prolonged sun exposure
    I'm also an owner of bougainvillea B35 and I do hope the color won't change/fade!
    My oldest bag is a blue sapphire epsom/courchevel from 1998, (so its 13 yrs old) but I'm telling u that the color is still vibrant and gorgeous.
    Let's hear what the expert says..
  6. I've read your post lovely Birkel... and I really think the Iris, Mykonos and the Bougainvillia are beautiful colors. I don't think that they will age less gracefully than the deep reds and the orange and vert anis. I believe they will be still beautiful for many years to come. Lots of colors come and go in fashion. I have loved purple for ever and I really have not known it to go out of fashion. Also mykonos.... it is a perfect color which I think will always be stunning and I really don't think that it is a color that will age. In 2030 you can go to the beautiful Greek Island Mykonos dressed in white and sit there with your birkin and check out that it is the same color. :biggrin:

    Some of the colors we will never know how they will age, but I think we should trust in Hermes that they would be using the top quality dyes on their beautiful leathers and that they will be with us for many years to come.
  7. You are welcome birkel sister"s blue jeans birkin seems to be lighter than the present blue jeans ,she bought it like 8 yrs ago.I had a bougenville birkin,rose shocking too,I hope these two of my favourites bag will not change/getting lighter in colors.
    i saw my friend's black box birkin age 14 yrs old,with some scratches though but it still look very very pretty,and in fact even prettier than the new box because it has developed the shine..
  8. I think they will age very well. They might change a bit do to the usage and the patina they will develop.
  9. I think if you do not expose the bags to direct sunlight for too long, they'll be fine. As Costa mentioned, the bags are going to develop a patina of use. You have to imagine what the bag is going to look like in a few years when it is going to get rubs on the corners, perhaps some fingernail scratches and perhaps some dirt. That's why I ultimately passed on the Pink Togo birkin. While it was gorgeous, when it was new clean and pretty, I did not think I'd like it as much when it was a little beat up.

    That said, buy what you love. If after a while it's not working out, consign it through a re-seller. It's a win-win situation.
  10. Oxidation on some level is inevitable, but I think it will take 10-20 years for a noticeable change. However, if you live in an extremely sunny climate and use your bags a lot outside, I think it is possible to fade bags sooner. I've seen bags and scarves damaged from being in store windows for too long.
  11. I agree with costa, I think they will age well. My Soleil birkin has not faded and i used it all of the last two summers. I have SLG's in some of the other colours you mentioned, they get lots of use and have not faded at all. HTH
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    Oooo that's wonderful to know. thing is it makes some sense to think forward because my future croc bags that I'm still waiting on will be,burgundy and vert fonce so classic old world charm colors. ,and it's just that Hermes makes color so beautifully and better than others I want my leather bags to be intense. but I was just wondering how would these uber dyes stand the test of time, as always thank you all so much up to now. would love to read some more and see so that I can take my next step in the Kelly birkin world !!!!!!

    Love you all TPFrs and TPF darling creators and managers because it's just sooooooo helpful when we fall in theese dilemmas.
  13. Birkel: you have a great eye for beauty, so I have no doubt that your instinct is the right way to go. Can't wait to see your reveals :smile:
  14. Blues and purples do fade and so should not be left in the sun or exposed under fluorescent lights for long periods of time. I bet Docride could provide more insight.
  15. Ooo yes the doc could help , wonder if she is around I'll try contacting her.