Hermes newbie question, what is Chamonix?

  1. I took my 32 cm Kelly in for refurbishing today and the SA said it was a box Kelly Chamonix with gold hardware. 4-6 months for refurbishing, they said:crybaby:
    Oh, well, I will wait it out. Apparently they moved the refurbishing place from NY to NJ and this is causing some extra delay.
    However, can someone tell me does Chamonix mean, the color of the bag or the type of leather. I didn't realize the word "chamonix" was in there until I looked at my receipt.
  2. chamonix is a calf leather, very smooth like box, but has a more matte apperance than box does. Box has quite a sheen to it that chamonix doesn't. I love natural - yum!

    Shopmom has a chamonix Bolide in black - divine!
  3. oh chamonix is divine! you lucky gal. grands fonds captured the description perfectly. i have to say - it's definitely my most favorite "smooth" leather.:love:
  4. I also love it and it is the plume in my avatar! Four to 6 mos. though for refurbishing?????? That is LONG!
  5. Yes, I know 4 to 6 months is long. I have a feeling it might not be that long, but they don't want to have all the customers breathing down their neck.
    They said normally they say 3 to 4 months. They attributed the extra time to the move of their refurbishing people from NY to NJ. I think the Philadelphia Hermes store doesn't get that much traffic, who knows?
    It only really needs polishing and the bottom corners have a little wear, it isn't like I asked them for anything huge. I don't argue with the Hermes people, however, I just handed it over, knowing I will have a really nice Kelly when it comes back.
  6. I saw a few Chamonix pieces this week, and I almost thought they were box. Gorgeous and smooth with a lovely matte.
  7. 4 to 6 months for refurbishing?!:wtf: Ok, this is why I can never use my bag unless I have several on hand ...:Push: