Hermes Newbie needs help please!

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  1. Hi all, I'm fairly new to the tPF and Hermes, so hopefully I've posted in the right area...
    I've only been in the Vegas store and was interested in stopping by the Madison Ave one but just feeling a little intimidated. Can anyone recommend a nice SA to deal with? Also, has anyone stopped by the store located in JFK airport (and is it duty free)? I'm currently drooling over a Kelly bag on eBay but would like to establish a repore with a SA for future purchases :graucho: !
    Any information would be of great help. TIA.
  2. I'll PM you.
  3. I haven't been to Madison Ave...yet! But I just wanted to say welcome! :yahoo:
  4. Are you based in Vegas , Angel?
  5. Welcome!!!
  6. welcome...The H in JFK is duty free so you can only purchase if you are traveling internationally and only if you are traveling out of terminal 8(where it's located). They don't have any bags there, only scarfs, ties, pocket squares and little trinkets. No designated H SA, only duty free staff with no knowledge of H.
  7. Welcome! Any of the e-bay bags be sure to check them out in our thread above *authenticate this* where the experts here can help...there are lots of fakes, but also lots of great resellers to work with! Good luck! What are you looking for?
  8. Welcome!!! I am a newbie to Hermes too but thanks to everyone here who is sooo wonderful, i am learning quickly. I am planning a trip to the NYC store soon too but am not feeling intimmidated at all, should i?
    I can't believe i have waited this
  9. Just wanted to wish you a warm welcome! Stick around here long enough and you'll soon be H-saavy and on your way to getting your dream bag!
    BTW, I love the Kelly! Excellent choice.
  10. Thank you all for your walm welcome. :tender:

    Rose/cxyvr- thanks for the info. :flowers:
    shoes319- I've been scoping out the authentic ebay reseller list and have most of them bookmarked on my account! Ahhh... what to choose from... well, I'm petite (5'0'') so maybe a 28/32 Kelly in any leather/any HW/retourne or sellier. Perhaps a 30/35 Birkin in any leather/HW. Perhaps a nice Togo leather for my first aquistion but I'm not picky.
    doulosforhim- welcome fellow newbie! You should come to NYC soon, we're not as "rude" as some non-New Yorkers think we are! :sneaky: Plus, Rose kindly informed me that the SA's are very nice here.
    Greentea- Believe me, I've already learned so much in the short time I've been lurking on the H side!

    I :love: this site !!
  11. I too am a Hermes newbie! I have admired the Birkin and Kelly bags for a while and decided it is time to own one.

    I don't live in an area that sell high end designer bags so I have to
    depend on the internet and when I travel to do my major shopping.

    I was in Palm Beach Island, Florida during Thanksgiving and went in the
    Birkin store. The SA said they had just sold two a week before. I am planning a trip to LA shortly and New York by the end of the month. Also I live near Atlanta. Does anyone have a SA they would recommend at any of these stores I could contact?
  12. How funny that we can be intimidated about shopping??!! I'm thinking of stopping into the H in SF but, am really nervous about it!! I don't own any H but, REALLY want to (especially after lurking around here!). I am so freaking on what to wear, what to to best make sure I am taken seriously...I'm hoping to do some scouting for possible X-mas gifts but, don't want the nice folks at Hermes to think I'm a lookie-loo...:shame:

    Isn't that weird? Tell me I'm not a total freak?? I can waltz into T & Co, Cartier, Goyard, Boucheron, etc. without batting an eye...Yup. it's settled, I'm a spaz.:nuts:
  13. A-T-G don't worry! Just walk in with your head held up high and don't let them bother you or keep you from looking. They know I'm a lookie-loo (DH always ends up buying most of my H stuff at SCP b/c they never seem to have what I want at SF) but I'm there every weekend practically. The manager always says, see you next Saturday. ;) They are a little reserved there...not a big warm welcome like at Goyard but they are nice! :smile:
  14. Welcome to all of our new posters and hope the coming year brings many Birkins and Kellys!!! And never be afraid about walking into Hermes. Stroll in with your nead held high and be prepared to get drool all over the place!
  15. Thanks guys! I'll make a trip this week and tell you how it goes (I'll probably deafen those poor SA's with my giddy squeals of joy!).