Hermes newbie in need of some advice!


Dec 9, 2006
So I don't think I could ever possble afford an Hermes bag but saw a couple of people on holiday wearing the bangles (clic clac?) and I thought they were lovely. I was just wondering, how much are they? Are they more for one with a more intricate pattern? And what are they made of? I would like a gold one, do they tarnish or change colour and can you wear them with other bangles or do they chip? Sorry I just have no idea about them but am thinking of asking for one for Christmas!:smile:


Apr 23, 2008
Hi Rosie. I think you're talking about the Clic-Clac, also known as the H. Bracelet due to the "H" clasp. They come in two different widths and also two different sizes - PM and GM, so they'll fit a variety of wrist sizes. They're made of very high-quality Austirian (I think) enamel and base metal with either a 24K. gold plating or a silver/palladium plating. Hermes' plating is excellent, and the finish should not wear or tarnish.

Enamel does chip, and Hermes advises not to wear chain bracelets with their enamels, but I think you can stack other bangles as long as they don't chink together.

The wider Clic-Clac is around $570 US I believe, and the narrower one is slightly less at around $540 US. (Someone will give you the accurate price if I'm wrong here.) They come in a wide range of bright colors and neutrals, and the boutiques usually have a good supply.

They are one solid color, however, with no pattern. The patterned enamel bangles are a whole other animal, and one I'm not too familiar with, I'm afraid.

The Clic-Clac is great though and a wonderful first Hermes piece. Hope you find the one you want under the tree!