hermes newbie...can someone elaborate on The List?

  1. Please forgive my lack of knowledge, I've noticed Birkins all my life but only in the last few months, thanks in large part to reading so much about your fabulous bags, have I decided I want to own one of these works of art. So I'm collecting info about color size material, etc. but when I figure out what I want, how does the list work? Do I just go into my local store (NYC) and give them my specs? Will they take me seriously? Do I pay for it now? I'd actually LIKE to be on a list for a few years so I can save up the $--I really appreciate any advice!
  2. From my understanding, only an SA can put you on the wait list. However, this is only done once an established relationship is made with an SA and with the Hermes store. They usually ask to put your credit card on file. Some have been lucky to walk in and have found an available Birkin and have purchased it on the spot, but this is very rare. I'm sure some of our resident experts can help you out, much more than I can. Hope that helps.
  3. Welcome!! Amkur is correct! Usually, Birkin waitlist spots are reserved for regular, established customers. Getting to know one SA and always working with that person is the best way. Good luck on getting your dream bag!