Hermes Newbie - Cadena's

  1. Hi all

    I am a newbie Hermes convert (am trying to get my paws on a 35 Rouge Garance Clemence Birkin/Palladium)
    and i want a Pegasus Cadena (palladium)

    Are these still readily available?

    There's one on eBay that's like US$400 and says its from 1993, but when i look at the hermes US website, the pegasus is available for US$195..

    Many Thanks in advance.. i cannot wait to get my Birk (hopefully i can find one in Japan as i was snubbed at Sydney Hermes)
  2. Yes, it is still available. I believe Hermes reissue the Pegasus Cadena lately, and therefore it is still in production.
  3. U can still get it in stores. Pal and Gold.
  4. Do check the stores. You can get them at a much more reasonable price there.
  5. I just bought one. ... if you'd like to know which store..PM me! They are def. still available.