Hermes Newbie! Bracelet sizing question!

  1. Hi guys! I am SUPER new to the Hermes forum! I usually hang out in the Balenciaga and Celine forums. :smile: I recently purchased my first Hermes bracelet (a Pavane), and I am in the process of buying a CDC and a Rivale bracelet. I have a question on sizing. Forgive me if a thread like this has been started before, but I did 2 searches and found nothing. I wanted to know if anyone out there had the Rivale bracelet in either size XS OR S? I am not sure what size I would need. My wrist measures approx 6.25 inches all around. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone who owns this bracelet would chime in and let me know the sizing on the small and extra small Rivale bracelets.
    Same goes for the CDC bracelets. I want to buy one in the next week and I am wondering what size I would be. (hmmm I live in NYC, I should go to the store tomorrow and try some on :graucho:)
    Anyway, thanks in advance for your help! Is there a reference thread with measurements on the bracelets? Thanks!
  2. what size is your pavane?

    definitely do not do an XS in the rivale - my wrist size is 5.5 inches and it fits the XS... however i am not sure if you can do a S or need to do M? i don't know what the measurements for these sizes are

    the CDC has 4 slots so i would think the standard S size for women would work for you
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    I totally agree with carlinha--CDC size S will work and rivale in size small or possibly medium as I too have a 5.5 inch wrist and wear an XS in rivale. Good luck!
  4. I have an S Rivale because the XS wasn't available in the colour I wanted. I just measured it, and it's approx 14 inches in length. I think that should work for you, although the M might give it more room to move about? Not sure how long it is, though, so it may also be too large. I'd suggest trying them both on if you get a chance so you can know for certain. Good luck and welcome to the orange side!
  5. Oh thanks guys!!!!!! I just ordered the Rivale in a size small. It was the only one that they had on I really wanted the black with silver for stacking. I hope it fits! If not, I can return it! Fingers crossed!!!
  6. By the way, I am going to try to stop by the Hermes store in NYC this week. I wonder what my chances are of getting a CDC bracelet in person? I heard there is a waiting list?
  7. Hey! I bought it on yesterday, it should be here tomorrow. I ordered the size small. I hope it fits, if not, I can return it. As for the CDC thanks for the advice! I am hoping to try some on in person this week at the Hermes store if they have any in stock.

    Thank you! I ordered the size small online. Fingers crossed it fits!!!

    Thanks! I was thinking the same thing. I am sure the small will be good. I ordered it online today! I hope it fits! Thanks for your help!!!
  8. Good luck! I JUST saw that black Rivale in S on right now too. My wrist is actually just under 6 inches so I was having the same questions. Please share the length of the Small when you get it. And would you post modeling shots?

    I just ordered a White Kelly Double Tour in XS off a lovely TPFer on Bonanza and it should be coming in this week or early next (International shipping...yikes). I've been eyeing the Rivale style for a while.

    Not to take over your thread, but if anyone has any intel, with a wrist about 5.8 inches, do you think I'd be a Small or XS in Rivale?
  9. Oh please take over my thread! I would love to hear more information on Hermes bracelet sizing! I am going to the Hermes store tomorrow, I should be able to get more information for you!:graucho:
  10. I have the same question too...I'm a guy my wrist is about a 7.5. I called Hermes in San Francisco and the one in Bev Hills and they didn't really help me with my sizing issue for the Rivale. Maybe I should just get my bum to one of the stores and try it out.
  11. Since I last posted I've secured both Rivale and Kelly Double Tour in XS!

    Length of Rivale: 13 inches
    (KDT hard to measure because of the way you close it but it is a little smaller)

    My wrist: approx. 5.75 inches

    I feel like both the Rivale and KDT are both fitting very well but not tight. The Rivale still flips sometimes but I love it.
    image-2738793159.jpg image-1383453414.jpg
  12. Hi, my is ard 15cm, 5.9 inch... So do i take size S for the rivale bracelet? Thanks. :smile:
  13. I'm trying to decide between the size S and M. My wrist is 6 in the smallest spot (the measuring tape sits taut on the wrist). Can someone help me with the correct sizing of the Kelly DT bracelet??? :smile:
  14. My wrist size is about 5.9 and I am wearing size S KDT. It's a little loose for me, spins all around :smile: I tried XS but it's a little snug.
    I think size S should be the correct size for your 6 inch wrist.
  15. Great, thanks for your response!!!:biggrin: