Hermes New York - Broad Street

  1. I visited the Hermes store in New York's financial district today. Some notable sightings:

    * Birkin 30 - graphite crocodile w/pave diamond hardware (I believe the SA said it was a total of 3 carats), $150,000.

    * Birkin 35 - Olive green togo, gorgeous color I haven't seen before

    * Torsade bracelets - one with pave diamond clasp, the other with pave clasp and pave sapphires on the remaining links (if you have to ask the price, know)

    * motorcycle with Hermes leather seat and trim

    If anyone is looking for any of these items, now you know where to find them!!

  2. Thank you for your detail report.:smile: I was planning to go visit this week but I've caught the flu....:crybaby::crybaby:.
  3. Thanks I want to go this weekend ....I am in need of purchasing a scarf.