Hermes new IPod Cell Holder?

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  1. Does anyone know the price of this? TIA:heart:
  2. Hi amamxr, sorry I can only help with the Australian price of it, which us AUD 420. Hopefully you can use that as a guidance?
  3. I was wondering if Hermes was ever going to make one. Does anybody have a picture?
  4. i saw it recently.
    sorta like a sleeve with some perforation on one side.
    i think it was swift, don't remember the colors but there was vert anis.
    i think the price was in the $300.usd. and it was for the 3G.
    didn't seem that useful for the way i like to use my iphone but was really pretty.
  5. anyone have any pics please? specs? description? please
  6. [​IMG]

    This is my Hermes Iphone 3G cover in Pelouse/orange, I think it was $355, I bought it just after new year
  7. Annie9999, MS Birkin, thank you for the pictures.

    I agree.
  8. I saw this today in Selfridges London, the price is £170.00 or thereabouts...
  9. yup, that's for the iphone, not ipod.
  10. Yes I saw it too, that price is correct
  11. I actually thought of you when I saw it because I remember in a previous post of yours you had expressed an interest in a holder for an Iphone.

    I have the 1st gen Ipod touch and thought it would be nice for it but you cant use it whilst in the case so I didnt get it.
  12. That's what stopped me getting it, I don't want to have to keep taking it in and out of the case
  13. It sounds like the case cost more than the phone.
  14. Yes it does!!