Hermes New Colors!!

  1. I heard babyrose is a new color, but I'm not sure..

    also heard there's a new lilac color and baby blue for crocodile skin.
    please kindly advise the proper name for these 2.

    for regular skin, I only know there's a french blue

    please name out the NEW colors that you know! and most importantly, the proper name for it so we could order it :P :yes: :biggrin: :amuse: :smile:
  2. Babyrose is only available for croc, right? I still want fuchsia for croc ...:biggrin:
  3. babyrose is an old colour ! and only croc kou is right :flowers:
  4. I think I want a clutch in babyrose, it'll look so classy:shame:

    to Lilach: did you get my PM?:flowers:
  5. :yes: oh yes sorry forgot to reply will check on monday but please send an reminder on monday with the exact specification you want :flowers:
  6. is babyrose like a light pink then?
  7. yes it a very very light pastel pink !
  8. Lilach, what's the difference between beige rose and baby rose?
  9. beige rose is a very light "translucent" beige with pink overtones very feminie and elegant and babypink is a true very light pastel pink and both shades are soooo hard to come by :rant:
    i do know some mistake the shades for one and the same but they are truly 2 different shades !
  10. I think beige rose and baby pink will both look good in matte AND shiny. Great, now I have TWO more bags to add to my list and I don't even have a Birkin yet!
  11. I've tons on my list!
  12. kou as it happens you love pinks and violets like i do what about framboise. its a very vibrant reddish pink more on the red side of pink with strong blueish undertones. i thinks it is lovely but just looks horrible with my skintone :censor:
  13. Frambois doesn't work with my skin tone either, just like ANY shade of orange. I think I can only stick with fuchsia or baby rose. I wish Hermes comes out with more shades of pink though.
  14. I'm dying to see the new blue. I knew the color name but it has slipped my mind...
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